NFL’s Sean Payton Suspended for the Year; What Are Longest NFL Suspensions Ever?

What in the name of Michael Vick did NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell do to the New Orleans franchise?

The NFL came down on the Saints like Hurricane Katrina with astronomical sentencing for the illegal bounty program, sending shockwaves throughout the sports world and shocking Saints fans to the core.

Saints coach Sean Payton has been suspended for an entire year, as a result of a bounty program conducted by the team during the 2009-11 seasons. In addition to that, former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was suspended indefinitely, general manager Mickey Loomis was suspended for eight regular-season games, the team was fined $500,000 and lost two second-round draft picks (one in 2012 and ’13).

Whew! Where is FEMA when you need them because the Saints are now under water and wonder how they are going to survive, much less compete, in 2012. –terry shropshire

Below are the longest suspension the NFL has ever delivered:


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