In this new age of social media, it seems as if the cheap shots and silly rap beefs will continue until the batteries die on our devices.   Lately, Drake has been the butt of many rappers jokes, and Diggy Simmons just jumped aboard the Drake train as well.  Recently, Diggy Simmons was seen on Facebook throwing shots at fellow industry mate, Drake.  Inciting his fans to join in on the fun, Diggy went IN on Drake’s eyebrows.

Diggy, you know you’re wrong. Let’s just hope he doesn’t cower under pressure.


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  • Skintasticart3418

    The Rappers beef now days are great as long as violence doesnt get involved the beef is great for them to come up with new songs and wait for come backs.

  • James Tillett

    its funny they make fun of his eyebrows, but everyone neglects that his eyes are rather close together. A sign that his mom may have drank while pregnant

  • Hello

    That young man is out of control. Remember to pick and choose your battles wisely. Life presents us with enough adversity. Why go around picking fights? 

  • truefacts

    that was a fake profile