Was Oprah Winfrey Once a Weedhead? 8 Other Stars Who Smoke Marijuana

Oprah Winfrey may be America’s favorite do-gooder, but the media maven has a sordid past and according to a new video, that past may include the drug marijuana.

A new video posted by TMZ shows Winfrey leaving CBS studios and running into the paparazzi. While making her way through the crowd, one reporter threw Winfrey a curveball of a question and asked her if she “smoked grass back in the day.”

Taking the question in stride, Winfrey jokingly replied, “Do you think I’m gonna answer that … If you were ‘The Charlie Rose Show,’ I might tell you.”

Well, unless we’re Charlie Rose, we may never get a definite answer to that question. But considering Winfrey’s previous admission of using cocaine in her younger days, the possibility of her smoking weed is definitely not out of the question.

But, of course, Winfrey isn’t the only star who’s been attached to marijuana. Check out some real deal celebrity weedheads, both past and present, below. –nicholas robinson


Nicholas Robinson
Nicholas Robinson

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