Special Prosecutor: No Grand Jury in Trayvon Martin Case

A special prosecutor announced today that she’s decided against sending the Trayvon Martin case to a grand jury. As previously reported, Martin, 17, was killed by George Zimmerman, 28, in February while he walking unarmed through his father’s Florida neighborhood.

Now the office of State Attorney Angela Corey is confirming that she’s canceled plans to meet with a grand jury Tuesday but added in a statement, “The decision should not be considered a factor in the final determination of the case. At this time, the investigation continues and there will be no further comment from this office.”

Now George Zimmerman’s fate rests solely with prosecutors.

“We had hoped she had enough evidence without the need to convene a grand jury,” Ben Crump, the attorney for the Martin family said about Corey. “The family is trying to have patience and faith through all of this.”

Crump also added that the family wants a public trial for Zimmerman to show “that justice works for everybody.”

As previously reported, a number of people were hopeful that Zimmerman would be brought up on charges this week after the grand jury convened.


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