AHBAI Highlights Manufacturers of Black Hair Care Products

The American Health & Beauty Aids Institute (AHBAI) , founded in 1981, is a national trade association representing the world’s leading companies which produce hair care, skin care and shaving products for the Ethnic consumer.

AHBAI has done a tremendous job of promoting healthy hair and encouraging consumers and retailers alike to support companies and  products with natural ingredients to address natural hair styles and repair damaged hair.

Through AHBAI efforts, an increasing number of consumers are reaching for AHBAI-member products which feature the Proud Lady symbol. The symbol denotes strength, sophistication and pride that relates to the rich heritage of African American women and men around the world. Whether you are looking for products to enhance hair growth or help style and condition the hair, products featuring the Proud Lady symbol are made for especially for black buying public by socially conscious and responsible African American owned companies. AHBAI products also work on all hair types and have gained great notoriety in the Hispanic Community.

When you purchase a beauty product featuring the Proud Lady symbol on the back, you are essentially  re-investing your dollars in your community. AHBAI member companies recycle the dollars spent on their products in the communities they serve in the form of jobs, scholarships and support of special community programs. “We care about the communities we serve, because we are the community.”

AHBAI Member companies featuring the Proud Lady symbol are:

Bronner Bros, Bluefield/Clear Essence Cosmetics, Dudley Beauty Corp., LLC, E. F. Young Mfg. Co.,

M3Cosmetic Labs, LLC, McBride Research Las, Luster Products, Inc., Moore Unique Skin Care, L.LC, Summit Laboratories

Students interested in applying for scholarships can visit the AHBAI website at www.proudlady.org. Scholarships are presented to both high school graduates and cosmetology/barber school students annually.

Be sure to reach for products featuring the Proud Lady symbol and re-invest in your community. AHBAI reflects black economic power at its Best!

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