Supermodel Naomi Campbell will be the next fresh face on the Oxygen tv network soon. Campbell’s new reality show will be called, “The Face.” She along with three other judges will act as  a mentor of sorts for aspiring models who want to become the next face of a major brand.

The young hopefuls will be snapped,styled and sashay ‘d down the runway — all in order to win a major contract. The show is said to be filled with lots of beauty, fashion and of course drama! Will you be tuned in? I know we will because Campbell is known to have major temper tantrums, and if these models don’t have their stuff together, she will whip them into shape or throw a cell phone at their heads if not! Ouch!

When asked about the new venture Campbell was quoted as saying,“I am looking forward to working in partnership with Oxygen and Shine America to discover the next beautiful face of the modeling world. With ‘The Face’ the audience will get a real insider’s look at this exciting industry that has been so good to me. One lucky girl will become the face of a major brand.” The show is slated to hit tv screens this fall.