Jadakiss Talks New Mixtape ‘Consignment’ and Working With Kanye West

To build anticipation for a new album that will be released on Def Jam this summer, Jadakiss recently released his latest mixtape Consignment. Rolling out caught up with the Yonkers, New York rapper to discuss the project, collaborations and working with Kanye West. –amir shaw

What are a few of your favorite songs on the new mixtape?

I have a bunch of favorite records. I was in the strip club the other day and they played damn near the whole mixtape. Songs like “Paper Tags,” “By The Bar,” “Without You,” “Count It” featuring 2 Chainz, and “Cuz We Paid.” You can let the mixtape rock all the way through.

Who are a few artists who you have worked with that fans might not expect?
I have worked with artists such as Chief Keef, Future and I did a song with Diggy.   Never underestimate me to work with anybody. I can make anybody sound good (laughs).

How did your collaboration with Kanye West come about?
Kanye called me to the studio and told me he wanted me to get on that joint ‘I Don’t Like.’  I already heard my homie Chief Keef buzzing. Once I listened to the track, I said, ‘this is amazing!’ I’m waiting for them to release the joint myself. ‘I Don’t Like’ is going to be crazy along with everything else. I think this will be a good year for Chief Keef.

When can fans expect the next album?
We going for August.  Hopefully a single should be flowing out there around the end of July.  We’re going off of that momentum from the Consignment mixtape. We will transition the heat right to the album.

What advice do you have for new artists such as Chief Keef?
Perfect your craft as much as you can, learn the business as much as you can, live in the studio and try to get a good staff around you. Don’t sign anything without knowing about it. Don’t get discouraged if something doesn’t happen to quickly for you. This ain’t an over night process. When you do one of those overnight things, it’s gonna hurt you in the long run.

Listen to “Cuz We Paid” below:


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