Trayvon Martin Gun Range Targets Sold on Website, Sells Out in 2 Days

An unidentified businessman has blatantly admitted that he is trying to financially capitalize off the Trayvon Martin controversy by selling gun range targets online that resemble the slain teenager.

There is no photo of Trayvon Martin on the target practice sheets. But the targets come with black hoodie, a drawn-in bag of Skittles, an iced tea can and crosshairs on what would be Martin’s chest area.

Repulsed? Apparently many are not. The targets sold out in two days, the businessman claims in an email exchange with a television station in Orlando, Fla., got a hold of. His biggest clients were gun range businesses in Florida.

According to WKMG, the seller of the targets told them in an email exchange that the “main motivation was to make money off the controversy.”

The station reports that in an advertisement for the targets, which has since been removed, the sellers say they “support Zimmerman and believe he is innocent and that he shot a thug.”

When the seller learned that WKMG was investigating his website, he told them that no more targets would be made or sold. The station did not identify the website address.

Zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder in the shooting of 17-year-old Martin.

“This is the highest level of disgust and the lowest level of civility,” said Zimmerman’s attorney Mark O’Mara, according to WKMG. O’Mara said he is worried about how Martin’s parents will react to the image of their son on a target intended to be used for shooting practice.

Even though O’Mara is representing Zimmerman, O’Mara also reportedly called the sale of the targets “hate-mongering,” saying it would only make it more difficult to try the case.

See a video of the report below:

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