flesh eating bacteria

Flesh-Eating Bacteria Strikes Again: South Carolina Mom Clings to Life

With the perplexing case of a Georgia college graduate student who lost one limb and will probably lose others to flesh-eating bacteria fear and panic about the horribly disfiguring disease has returned.

Now a South Carolina woman who had just given birth to twins has fallen victim to the unimaginably awful flesh-eating bacteriaLana Kuykendall, of Upstate, S.C., had just given birth to twins, when she started experiencing pain and noticed that there was a growing spot on her leg. The new mom initially thought that it was a blood clot, so her husband, Darren, immediately took her to the hospital. However, she was diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis, or flesh-eating bacteria, and is in critical, but stable condition. Kukendall has had four surgeries in the span of just six days.