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Flu outbreak 2013: Death toll surges to 43 in Indiana


Flu season has become especially deadly in the state of Indiana, where reports released today list the number of deaths at 43.

According to The Indiana State Department of Health, the death toll was at 40 on last Wednesday, and three more individuals have succumbed to the disease since then.

Indiana State Department of Health spokesman Ken Severson, who confirmed the new total released today, explained that of the 43 dead, at least 33 were flu sufferers who were over the age of 65. Also, 38 of the 43 deceased flu victims also suffered from renal disease, asthma, heart disease and/or diabetes.

Indiana is not alone in  its battle with flu; in fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a whopping 48 states are seeing widespread flu activity. Before Indiana’s death toll surge, New York led the way for cities experiencing “high activity of influenza-like illness.”

The only states that are not showing widespread activity are Tennessee and Hawaii.

“The bottom line is that the flu season continues,” CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden, said.  “We’re in the middle of flu season, about half way through.”