Could Chaka Khan Be the New ‘American Idol’ Judge?

Last night the Queen of Funk, Chaka Khan, was among the celebrities who performed during the “American Idol” finale and gave the audience and viewers at home a show show they’ll never forget.

After her performance, Chaka Khan was asked by Zap2it if she would replace Jennifer Lopez as a judge if she decided to leave after this season, and Chaka did not hesitate to reply.

“They don’t vote on that, do they? Yeah, I’d do it,” said the singer. “They could use some truth up there. A little bit of truth, honesty. I’d like that.”

Although Jennifer Lopez hasn’t confirmed anything yet, it is evident that J.Lo isn’t ready to give up her stage time as an artist.Not to mention the two beautiful babies she still has at home.

Khan, who been in the studio “celebrating 40 years in the business,” performed her hit “I’m Every Woman” with the top 12 girls during the show.

You go girl!

Check out pictures from Chaka Khan’s “American Idol” performance. Doesn’t she look great?


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