Lil Wayne got rap fans riled up with a tweet that could become the start of hip-hop’s next beef. On May 24, Lil Wayne tweeted, “F— pusha t and anybody that love em.”

Pusha T is currently signed with Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music and is a member of the group the Clipse.

Many believe that Lil Wayne took aim at Pusha T for apparently going after Drake  on the new single “Exodus 23:1”  Pusha T rapped, “Contact all f— up, I guess that means you all f— up, you signed to one n—, that’s signed to another n—, that’s signed to three n—, now that’s bad luck.”

Lil Wayne and Pusha T have thrown subliminal shots at each other since 2005. But it seemed their beef was over after Pusha T shook hands with Lil Wayne in Miami shortly after he was released from Prison in 2011.

In the past, Pusha T said he would never diss Drake. Drake also said he was a huge fan of the Clipse when he was a teen. But with Lil Wayne’s blatant tweet, it’s likely that Pusha T will respond in some manner.

Although rap beef is often a simple ploy for artists to create hype in order to sell more records, it can be fun for fans to listen to a good old-fashioned lyrical battle. Click continue to see the eight most heated rap beefs in history. –amir shaw

A.R. Shaw

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