Chris Brown Selling $1.9 Million Apartment (Photos)



Brown Puts Hollywood Apartment on the Market 

To the delight of many of  his neighbors, Chris Brown is putting his Hollywood apartment up for sale. The singer, 23, bought the penthouse apartment just 15 months ago but has found it to be a source of stress after receiving numerous complaints about noise and a headline-making incident over a handicapped parking space.

In 2011, Brown was hit with an astronomical $15,000 worth of parking tickets for continually parking his Range Rover and other luxury vehicles in spaces designated for people with disabilities. Luckily for him, however, a ridiculously good lawyer had 95 of the 117 tickets dismissed. Despite the ticket dismissals, his neighbors still openly criticized him and told TMZ that living near him was a “nightmare.” There were later accusations of partying all day and night with loud music and even racing dogs up and down the building’s hallway.

With those kinds of accusations  it’s no surprise that Brown wants out of the glamorous Hollywood digs, check out pictures of his soon to be ex-Hollywood home below. –danielle canada

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