Beyoncé Posts Poem About Blue Ivy’s Name


Beyoncé Hints At the Meaning of Blue Ivy’s Name

When news broke in January that Beyoncé named her first-born Blue Ivy, it left a number of people bewildered. Fast forward to June 2012 and Beyoncé is giving some semblance of an explanation about the meaning of her baby’s name.

The singer once again took to her page to speak to fans and critics alike. This time, Beyoncé posted a poem by environmental writer Rebecca Solnit. In the poem, Solnit talks about the color blue and relates it to the earth, the ocean and the sky.

“This light does not touch us; does not travel the whole distance,” Solnit writes. “This light does not touch us, does not travel the whole distance, the light that gets lost, gives us the beauty of the world, so much of which is is in the color blue.”

Before this poem was presented, many speculated that Blue Ivy’s name was related to her father Jay-Z. Blue is said to be the rapper’s favorite color and Ivy was said to hint at the Roman numeral IV or 4, the couple’s lucky number.

Check out the poem Beyoncé dedicated to Blue Ivy below. -danielle canada

  1. I dont know why people try to tell people what to name their children or judge them. Nice poem B but dont try to prove to people why u named ur child what u named her. Their approval isn’t needed

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