Rihanna Voicing an Alien 

After battling aliens in her 2012 film debut Battleship, Rihanna will have a chance to play one. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the songstress has signed on for a new film titled Happy Smekday!, a DreamWorks animation adaptation of the critically acclaimed book The True Meaning of Smekday. In it, Rihanna, 24, will be joined by Jim Parsons of the “Big Bang Theory” for the quirky animated film that details the day-to-day dealings of an alien life form gone sour. The plot follows a group of aliens that invade a post-apocalyptic Earth as a hideout from their enemies. When one lowly alien accidentally notifies the enemies of their whereabouts however, a comical situation ensues.

Further details on the project are light; it’s directed by Tim Johnson with screenplay writing from the makers of Kung Fu Panda, Get Smart and Rio. The film is due in theaters during the fourth quarter of 2013.

Like Rihanna, several celebs have signed on to voice animated characters in kiddie films. The acting which is said to be more challenging than traditional roles, is also a unique opportunity for actors and actresses to bring an animated character to life. Check out three celebs who plan on doing just that when they breathe life into cartoons. –danielle canada