Ghetto Names That Can Cripple Your Child

It should almost be outlawed to give a child, or better yet — shackle them with certain names. Children, unable to understand or comprehend the amount of emotional damage they can afflict on one another, can be cruel and hurtfully blunt when it comes to pointing out differences. And some of these names are not only different, but ludicrous.

It’s definitely understood that many African American parents wanted to move away from traditional “American” names and become creative. But some “parents” have gotten ridiculous and it will only serve to impair a child once they matriculate through school and into the workforce.

The following are ghetto names that can cripple your child, one way or another.

Terry Shropshire
Terry Shropshire

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  1. Ghetto Names That Can Cripple Your Child???…I think you have Crippled your writing career.. You need to retire from writing.. Your topics are a disgrace… You have no substance in your stories..You write as if you are a teenager and think that people want to read this… Other races are not the problem, writers like you are the problem.  Always making fun at your own people.. Get some real issues at affect us to write about or just simply retire.  If you retire I don’t think anyone will miss you or these so called black issuers your write about.  My high school students are more serious minded than you.  For this article you get an F.  

  2. Last comment.. Your name? Terry?  That happens to be a breed of dog. So also write about that.  I guess your name has affected you some too.  

  3. Ainno ways dat ol Arnie be callins his chilluns like dis. Course. Arnie jus’ be a runnin’ whens he be hearing “dad” lol. Reminds me dat time when me be walkin’ Donnie. Dat all Suzie getting into my face wit dis and dat. Callins me father of some bebe. NO SIR! Ol’ Arnie not stand fer dat. All phantoms and mirrors yo!

  4. I don’t like how this is aiming just toward African Americans because I’ve seen other races give their children ridiculous names, so don’t just put it all on the black people.

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