Eric Roberson: Singer, Songwriter


With one note, Eric Roberson’s melodic voice can be identified. His talent and ability to connect with listeners through the universal language of love have sold out performances nationally and internationally and garnered him two Grammy nods.

A New Jersey native, Roberson loves black women. From the strong relationship forged with his mother to the close bond he shares with his wife, Shawn, the artist’s love and respect for womanhood is reflected in his music.

Last fall, after a decade-long career, Roberson released his sixth studio album, Mister Nice Guy, to rave reviews. When it comes to sharing his feelings, Roberson is fearless. “I’ve [run] into many great walls in regards to love. I made the decision a long time ago not to hide what I discovered. If I felt or discovered something I would just write about it and that was one of the best business and musical decisions that I ever made. If I fell in love with a girl, I wasn’t going to be afraid to write about it, and if she broke my heart, I wasn’t going to be afraid to write about it. So really everything became an open book, a subject,” he says. Love and beauty go hand in hand. If something is beautiful, you cannot help but love it. When asked to define beauty, Eric explains, “My definition of beauty is how you hold yourself. It’s not your height, weight or whatever. It’s what you represent and how you carry yourself. You can look like a top model and be the ugliest woman in the world. I love a beautiful smile and I love when you feel good and can’t hide [it] and that smile escapes out of you,” he closes.

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