Jimmie Walker of ‘Good Times’ Blasts President Obama

Jimmy Walker was once the king of black sitcoms in the 1970s

Seventies sitcom icon Jimmie Walker, better known as “J.J.” of “Good Times,” blasted President Obama during an interview with Bill O’Reilly on Fox. Walker compared Obama to Tony Robbins as someone who makes you feel good, but the economy is still in tatters and it’s not enough for African Americans to keep supporting him because of his race.

“It’s like meeting Tony Robbins. You feel good and happy and everything, but then you go home and there’s a foreclosure sign on your door,” said Walker, whose iconic ’70s character was known for saying “dynamite” on a regular basis. “I just think that he is not the guy.”

Walker was rumored to be dating close friend and racial pimp Ann Coulter

Walker emphasized that has nothing against the president, and even likes him, but “he’s not a good guy for the job we have to do.”

O’Reilly gleefully raised the point that when Walker makes such statements publicly that he is probably the object of an African-American backlash. But Walker rationalized why Obama’s race simply isn’t enough for him to get black support.

See what he has to say below.

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  1. another broke black celeb : saying bad things about the president for a little $ 2000 dollar check from the rich and anti obama fools : come on J J you could just have called Jay-Z and he would have gave you that $ 2000 now JJ goes on the stupid n-g- list !  

    1. Your right, he could of got a lot more if he said the same about President Bush the Younger. I bet a lot of folks got paid big bucks by bashing G.W!!!!

    1. Whose dumping in your pockets Joot? Can’t he have his own opinions. Just because Obama is Black don’t mean we can’t criticize him for his poor preformats. We’ve done so with White Presidents before him… GWB a man who led us through 9-11 and one who couldn’t do anything right in the eyes of liberal America.

  2. WOW. A black man doesnt tow the liberal line and he needs to sit down? Broke Black Celeb? NEWS FLASH. Not all ANTI-Obama folk are rich or red neck. I want Obama out because he will continue to plunge us so far down the dollar will colapse. Its not if, but when.

    1. They just don’t understand why a Black man would dear to stand against the fray. Probably because they must fear the lost of the Black value system. Family, God and security!!!!! Btw that’s all of us Black White and Purple.

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