Deuces Wild Girls Encourage Others to ‘Boss Ya’ Life Up’

Female emcees are a controversial breed. While there have always been talented women in the rap game, they have historically being locked out of the big time and many have had to make costly compromises to get heard. But since women in hip-hop is becoming less of a rarity, those that are distinctive, consistent and fresh — even if your name is not Nicki Minaj, are making serious headway in the industry. Case in point; Detroit’s Deuces Wild duo, featuring Ms. Creme and Nikki Brown, are the real deal with tracks and skills that rival even the biggest names in hip-hop.

Why did you decide to go into the music industry?
Creme: It’s the love of hip-hop. We were both born with it. I wanted to inspire young women and change the perception of our young girls … music influenced me, so I wanted to right a few wrongs.
Nicki: I wanted to create a new lane or  females rappers so females would have
a broader selection of emcees to choose from.
Do you have anything out currently?                                                                                                                    Nicki: Our first single from our album The Interview is currently out, we are pushing for radio spins and circulating CDs and internet marketing.
What are your thought on today’s music?
Creme: Today’s music is party motivated … true lyricism and content have taken a back burner to catchy hooks and infectious beats. There is nothing wrong with that, its just a change from the game’s position 10 years ago — but everything evolves and changes and real artist can fit whatever mold is created.
Any upcoming projects?
Nicki: Deuces Wild is shooting the next two video’s from our album, and we’re in the studio now working on a mixtape. We are also doing an alter ego project from our characters we created called Uno Down, … they are our comical ghetto BAPs inspired alter ego group. And we are also finishing up our realty show Around the way girls featuring us on our grind to stardom.
Follow Ms. Creme and Nikki B. at twitter  @Deuceswildgirls @mscreme @nikkibrown313
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