Because of inflation, the proliferation of television stations and the advent of the information superhighway, young prodigies like Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith have more opportunities to amass and expand their own personal fortunes than ever before. It remains to be seen if these child stars will be able to transition into adulthood without the trauma and heartache that accompanied so many child stars in previous decades, but at least they’ll have their bank accounts to lean on if they do run into any trouble.

Here are the top teen millionaires with the help of, and

Justin Bieber – $53 million (age 17)

Bieber reached big baller status mostly from “Never,” which is the most successful concert-themed film in U.S. history, with more than $73 million earned to date. 

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  • PleasantlyV10lated

    I’s rememba da days of soakin’ in da big hot tub at Neverland Ranch. Besides me was da Cosby kids and some a’ da Fat Albert crew. “No girlies allow’d” sayz Jack-O. D’en he go ’round to each an’ evr’y one o’ us playin’ sink da sub. Neva unda’stood why we all’s had to be nak’d. One day Jack-O lost his gluv’. Might ‘ven been in Fat Alberts fat ass.
    Bubbles da monkey was neva happy. We be playin’ battleship in da tub and along come da chimp takin’ a crap on top a’ heads. Best o’ times. Now ma folks tell me gots to go see a shrink. We’s got sum sunshine $$ to shaddup, so canno’ tell you ma name.