Atlanta Pastor Arrested for Spreading HIV Virus to Congregation?

Pastor Accused 0f Exposing Congregants to HIV Virus

In a city that’s seen its share of controversy surrounding clergy, a new story is circulating online about an Atlanta pastor that not only slept with members of his congregation, but infected them with the HIV virus.

An e-mail sent to is said to be from a woman named Ronita McAfee, a member of Full Gospel Baptist Church. The woman claims that she engaged in an illicit affair with her church leader, Pastor Craig Lamar Davis, who later turned out to be HIV positive. According to McAfee, she and Davis had sexual encounters in an abandoned home, oftentimes unprotected. After detailing an encounter where the clergyman was acting strangely, McAffee told the blog that he informed her that one of his ex-girlfriends recently tested positive for HIV and advised her to get tested. McAfee tested negative for the disease but later found out that a second woman, also a member of the church, tested positive.

While some people are doubting the validity of the story, the blogger who wrote the piece (@WilliamGMcCray) claims to have quotes from the pastor himself and even made mention of a July arrest, which is absolutely true. According to public records, Pastor Davis was arrested on July 22 on two counts of reckless conduct. He was released two days later on $1,500 bond. McCray quotes the pastor as saying in an explosive phone conversation, “I have never f—– no boys. Be sure to say that any man that comes to court or claims I infected them with HIV is a damn lie and I will see about them.” Davis is said to have been removed from his position at Full Gospel.

More on this bizarre story can be found here. -danielle canada


  • Likewaterforchocolate
    August 30, 2012

    The black church as religion here in Atlanta is a joke. Folks, I beseech you, have your own relationship with God.

  • Lazlo
    August 30, 2012

    This story isn’t bizarre! Stop the sensationalism. Wow. Just further promoting stigma and hate. For shame. From what I’ve read, it seems he didn’t know he was HIV positive (and sister had a part in it also, so she’s not entirely without blame cuz she let him put it in raw!). From the article on this very site, the ex-girlfriend of the Pastor recently tested positive for HIV and then told the Pastor, who then told his lover, so she could get the appropriate medical care. Its not like he kept it a secret from her, kept sleeping with her and let her get deathly ill. The headline for this story is misleading and the article itself is fear based and sensational. Your not helping anyone!

  • Lazlo
    August 30, 2012

    Also I’m basing my comments on the article posted here at RO. But I just finished reading half the story provided by RO with a link. I still call BS on both websites. Fear based and sensationlism. There are still a few things we dont know. When did he know he was HIV+, why did she continue to sleep with him if she felt that she was practically “raped”. What?! She could be bitter/angry cuz he found out he was Poz and wanted to stop sleeping with her.

  • Ms. Windham
    August 31, 2012

    Wow! This isn’t the first time that a story like this has come to light. I just say shame on these church ladies that throw themselves at pastors any way. Having sex in an abandoned home/building. Who does that???? Just my personal opinion, did these women think they were the only one that was getting it in with the pastor? What respect does one have about themselves to have sex in an abandoned home! I can’t get passed that part of the story. You see it all the time. Pastors have the pick of their flock. It’s those triffling women that allow themselves to be “USED” by these fake not really wanna be pastors. Just call them, “PIMPS in the Pullpit” as Michael Baisden discussed on his show.

    These ladies tried to sneak and have sex with this man and he was “DIRTY”!!! I guess the saying is true, “What goes on in the dark, will come to the light”. I don’t want to come off as insensitive, but you don’t play with GOD and the one woman that tested negative, if she haven’t, she need to get on her knees and pray and thank God for real! Church ladies, STOP THE MADNESS with these pastors!!!!!

  • Ash
    September 1, 2012

    First of all, if these allegations are true and the conversation that they mention is true, how u gonna me a pastor and u cusing like a sailor! People need to get save forreal and stop hipocriting. God is calling for holy people! The scripture says that when God comes into your life, If any man be in Christ he is a new creature. You should not be doing and sayin the same things you did when u ask the Lord to save you. Seem like people go to church for entertainment. Not to learn how live a clean life for God. They got fags in the choir stands! Sooner or later Gods gonna set this world on fire like in the day of Sodem and Gomorrah. YOU CAN’T PLAY WITH GOD AND THINK IT’S OK!!!

  • JD
    September 18, 2012

    Now this is so unethical. You would think as a man of God he would have done what was best for the people under him. For no reason should he have been sleeping with other females unprotected, nor sleeping with people in the church. As horrific as this may be…you women reap what you sown.

  • Gina
    December 4, 2014

    Terrible. Between these pimp pastors and whorish skanks, the black church is nothing but the devil’s nightclub. I don’t trust religious/church-going folks.

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