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Frank Ocean Says He May Have Lost His Religion; 7 Famous Agnostics and Atheists

Frank Ocean Says He May Have Lost His Religion; 7 Famous Agnostics and Atheists

Whether it be in his music, in his performances or in his words, the one thing that has endeared so many fans to Frank Ocean is his honesty in a world otherwise filled with smoke and mirrors. It’s that honesty that made his famous “coming out” letter so powerful and compelling, and the artist continued to display that same level of mesmerizing transparency this week when he posted another intimate letter to his blog, musing about the current happenings in his life.

Ocean revealed a myriad of interesting details, including his idea to write a novel about twins, the rise and fall of a new love, his friendships with Pharrell and Jay-Z, and his love of Oreos and steak.

But, one dynamic thing that stuck out was his talk of religion. In his post, Ocean revealed that, “I’ve possibly lost all religion, I’ve sunken into passivity in certain areas of my life … all while being the honest opposite in others.”

Ocean hasn’t yet clarified what his current religious standing is, but it’s possible that he now represents a growing community of black people who are leaving behind the Christian beliefs of their ancestors and families and moving toward agnosticism (individuals who are not committed to believing in either the existence or the nonexistence of God or a god).

Perhaps, Ocean will go into more detail about his obviously changing religious and spiritual beliefs in his next intimate letter. Check out some other celebs who are agnostic or atheist below.

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