Fantasia Reveals New Slimmed Down Frame

Fantasia has always been known for her bootylicious curves, but her weight came under heavy scrutiny this summer when she appeared in skin-tight cat suits at high-profile performances, and the singer was even rumored to be pregnant, though she quickly shot down the allegations. But now Fantasia appears to have toned up her curves after a newly released picture revealed the singer sporting a slimmer frame.

In the photo, which was published by MediaTakeOut, Fantasia can be seen in the gym, posing for the camera as she shows off her flat belly and toned body in skin-tight black pants and a leopard print top.

Though Fantasia has yet to speak about her weight loss, she has been tweeting about her new found love for exercise.

“Well it’s been real this morning you guys I’m about to start my day & I’ve got to get ready for my daily workout. Healthy is the way.

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  • Arnold Jenson
    September 14, 2012

    Ol’ Donnie be cuffin up some lungins. Ol’ porter jus puttin on fer sum chowda city. Be memberin’ when Lando be all ova da princess. She’d be all Layme wit da purpily pickle. Alls be told, reds be all glidden an blue totes. Donnie’s a barkin’ a storm. Be da ghost o Bill Cosby. World all be a dooma place witout da Cosby man.

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