Rihanna Shows Off New Mouth Candy (Photos)

Rihanna Gets Gold Teeth

After showing off a new tattoo in honor of her late grandmother, Rihanna was spotted in California with new hardware — this time in her mouth. Rihanna, 24, was seen Tuesday at Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Santa Monica dining with her friends. The center of attention for photographers, however, wasn’t the singer’s new short haircut or black micro shorts, it was the row of gold teeth sparkling in her mouth. The singer, who obviously wanted paparazzi to take notice, kept her lips parted so the grill covering her bottom row of teeth could be photographed.


This isn’t the first time Rihanna’s worn gold teeth, she previously donned them for her “You Da One” video music video in 2011. Tuesday marked the first time that she was seen sporting them in her everyday life. Coincidentally, Rihanna’s ex, Chris Brown, has also been known to wear a mouth full of gold offset by his gold Tupac-inspired nose ring.


Check out Rihanna’s new metal mouth accessory below. Do you think it’s Chris Brown inspired? –danielle canada  

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