Nicki Minaj is great at what she does. She mesmerizes crowds with her off-the wall lyrics and frdequent rhymes as fictional characters that could be straight out of a Disney film. She’s got her Barbies hopelessly hooked as she squeezes herself into the tightest of ensembles and pumps out pop anthems. Onika ‘Nicki” Minaj has got it down pact. However, if she ever finds relaxes and loosens up her reigns on the Hip- Hop Queen title, there are a few ladies laying in wait to snatch her crown. Included in that list is a caucasian emcee who caught the eye of a southern rap phenom and a newcomer whose big bad attitude has yet to hinder her current rise to fame.

Check out just a few of the ladies who could offset a complete Nicki Minaj takeover below. –danielle canada