Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry became a Hollywood mogul by creating stories that were faith-based and rooted in spirituality. A devout Christian, Perry galvanized the religious audience that Hollywood neglected for years.

A.R. Shaw

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  • Alejandro

    scientologists don’t believe in God

  • opinda

    This is confusing do they beleive or not

  • spollard14

    Scientologists believe that the world was made by a big bang. They don’t believe in God at all. Maybe you all should learn who God is and know that there is only one true God before you post another article about people believing in God or not.

  • Thrilla Gorilla

    I am not reading an article that is one paragraph on page at a time, what a joke!

  • jonny


  • jonny

    this is lol with cheesy science blogs of awesomeness mixed with pizza