NFL Players Blast Replacement Refs on Twitter After Monday Night Debacle

The Internet was ablaze with NFL players Monday night after an extremely controversial call by the replacement refs cost the Green Bay Packers the game they deserved to win, but thanks to a bad call was instead handed to the Seattle Seahawks.

The record states that Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate caught a Hail Mary touchdown pass in the end zone by quarterback Russell Wilson. But what actually happened was this: First, Tate shoved a Green Bay defender out of the way on the play, which is an offensive pass interference and should have invalidated the so-called touchdown, but the refs missed that. Secondly, and most importantly, Green Bay defender M.D. Jennings appeared to have intercepted the ball and have complete control of the football. Even one of the back judges came in and signaled a time-out because it was ruled an interception. But the man in charge overruled and called it a touchdown. After 10 minutes of review, it was ruled a touchdown by referee Wayne Elliott.

And that ignited an inferno of anger that raged throughout the league. Many of the players took to Twitter to vent their indignation at the NFL, especially commissioner Roger Godell, who has locked out the regular referees and replaced them with Division III college refs.

Here is a sampling of player responses, with the aid of

13th man beat us tonight.

– Tom Crabtree (@TCrabtree83)Sept. 24, 2012


Crazy last play @Seahawks win. Amazing game by D pass rush, special teams and heave by @dangeRusswilson and @Showtimetate catch! Wow.

– Paul Allen (@PaulGAllen) Sept. 24, 2012


To see more NFL players expressing their outrage, click below.

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