Busted! Celebrities Who Are Faking the Funk in Strip Clubs!

I’m giggling at how gullible and naive people are when it comes to seeing celebrities spend lots of cash in strip clubs! People assume that these celebrities are spending their hard-earned cash!

Not so fast! I’ve talked to many strippers and managers personally that work in these strip clubs and it’s a well known fact that when they are alerted that celebrities are coming out to their gentlemen clubs, they have stacks of money waiting for their special “V.I.P.” guests to give to the dancers! You have to be a top tier celebrity to receive the thousands of dollars for free(mainly in singles) to throw at theses dancers but trust and believe, it’s all for show and majority of the time, it’s not their cash!

This has always been a little known secret in the entertainment business! Desperate and lonely patrons sit around the club spending their biweekly paychecks foolishly, but don’t realize that it’s the club’s money that the celebrities are throwing out to the girls. While their fantasizing about making it rain, they’re really making it drizzle!

So next time you’re out at a strip club taking money away from your family or significant other, think twice about what you’re doing and ball on a budget!

Check out these celebrities in strip clubs and all the ratchetness!

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