Barack Obama’s Best Political Debates


The presidential debate between incumbent President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney is being hyped up as the title fight of the new century.

In one corner, you have the gifted orator who rose from humble beginnings to attain two Ivy League degrees and become the first black president in U.S. history. In the other corner is the offspring of a business mogul and the heir of a political dynasty who’s seeking to drive out the current occupier of the Oval Office, the most powerful office in the world.

Tonight in Denver, ironically the site of the Democratic National Convention four years ago when Obama seized control of the Democratic Party, the most important debate in many years will unfold before tens of millions around the nation and across the globe.

But before we commence with tonight’s first presidential debates, we take a look back at Obama’s best and fiercest debates and you can assess how well he hold up from past performances.

Then-state Senator Obama in his debate versus incumbent congressman and former Black Panther Bobby Rush in 2000.

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