Great Heads! 10 Sexiest Bald Celebrities: Amanda Nassali Kiggundu

Great Heads! 10 Sexiest Bald Celebrities

By definition a bald person is bold, and that in and of itself is alluring.

The bald man and fashion forward woman is the most natural of beauties, no doo-rags, or wave gels, or texturizers, or dyes.

And unlike a bad haircut that grows out and gives you the opportunity to try again, a bald person puts their naked head front and center for the world to see. Their bald head is judged by its size, shape, skin condition and sheen.  Here then, are 10 celebrities who have made baldness a bold mark of beauty.


Great Heads! !0 Sexiest Bald Celebrities: Jason Statham, actor.

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

  • Hella Yella

    why is bruce willis on this list. he’s fugly and could never reach the level of the other people on the list.