‘Bad Girls Club’ Filming in Atlanta? Get the Scoop!

Are you guys ready for more ratchiness and pretty young females with hot bods pulling weaves out of each others head on national tv? We just got word that the producers of Bad Girls Club are filming right here in the dirty dirty, Atlanta! They have set up shop and started filming their tenth season right here in Buckhead. Oxygen has not made an official announcement, but we have our spies that have confirmed they yes they are. The Atlanta market has a huge viewing audience with plenty of fans of the show and that’s probably why they decided to film here, oh my! The show premise is to take troubled girls and try to make them more civilized but we all know that, that is not what goes down on the reality show! If it’s true that they are filming here, we will have to find out who will be part of the cast! I don’t know if this is a good or bad situation. Story developing!

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