The subject of black male celebrities and their choice of wives, girlfriends and jump-offs stormed back to the forefront of urban conversation recently when comedian D.L. Hughley, in an interview with NPR, railed against sisters, saying that he’s never “run across an angrier group of people” in the country. It was an  interesting and combustible conversation for someone who has been married to a black woman for 26 years and has two daughters.

But the following list of black male celebrities are not married to black women. This lengthy list of individuals may or may not share Hughley’s sentiment; they may simply prefer to bring women of other ethnicities into their nests.

This is a list of black male celebrities and dignitaries who have married or date white women, some exclusively.

Terry Shropshire

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  • Ikon

    Sugar Ray Leonard’s wife is Black.

  • BKW

    Montell WILLIAMS, you mean??!!

  • BKW

    “AmericanRandy Jackson”???????????

  • BKW

    Sidney Portier and his wife – “PORTIER???”

  • BKW

    Alfonso Rivera????? Alfonso Ribeiro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Big Lebowski’s Favorite Drink

    John legend’s gf doesn’t look White to me.

    • Space Sheriff

      Her father is of Norwegian descent and her mother is Thai.

      • Awesomo

        yeah that makes her white smhw hehehehhe

  • New British

    Eric LaSalle was the guy who refused to do an interracial love scene on the show ER .

  • Christy

    John Legend’s wife is hardly white.

  • Christy

    Lewis Hamilton is half white and Nicole S. is not white. I think you people at RO don’t no white from anything else. Some of these couples are not black-white couples. Hell a few you chose were black men married to black women. She does not be very dark with kinky hair to be classified as black. You know we come in different shades don’t you? Who does the research for this trash?

    • patches Aldukhil

      I am wondering if you are black and just jealous that a black man would choose an race over their own.

      • skoot

        they are jealous patches,white men and black women hate to see black men and white women together..they will say bad things when it is a BM=WW relationship,,,i love it,,,,, i love the dating site,whitewomenand

  • Tatiana the Gorgeous

    Are you blacks retarded half of these women are latina or Asian are you too stupid o recognize other races? The truth is though Black men refer white women no straight white men refer black women they are just gays in the closet hahah!

    • patches Aldukhil

      It does not matter they have chosen a female outside of their race.

      • Devin Clarke

        Honestly..These men end up marrying white women,because its the last symbol of success.I know you want to believe that love conquers all and that they just happened to meet someone of another race .but it’s no accident once a black man becomes wealthy he chooses whites.its called post racial syndrome and its quite well documented.white is a status symbol .its a fact, many black men openly admit it..Im a black man ,I know.

        • robby

          Once you go black, you dont go back? Thats because white men are repulsed by you!

          • Robert

            Once you leave white, you’ve done it right. White men are inferior and more than likely if she marries a white man, she’ll be fucking black guys anyway since they love the cuckold thing.

      • skoot

        u are so right,thumbs up to sweetier

    • Nonya damn business

      Your name should be Tatiana the stupid. A few were other than white, one was Asian (with Eddie Griffin) John Legends wife isn’t white, but she’s not black either. Now, its PREFER not refer, and straight white men who prefer black women are NOT in the closet gay u stupid cousin humpin stump. Are you blacks retarded? No, but you are. At least your comment sure is.

  • patches Aldukhil

    I do not understand in this day and age blackmen blackwomen, whitemen whitewomen, asianmen and asian women …………ect they are all dating out of their own race. We are all human beings and I never saw in any religious book that says you have to be the same race to marry.

    • ChangeNow4aa

      That’s because white people want a piece every thing and every one. There are books that teach you to stay with your own people and stay away from Same Sex… But this violates your “RIGHTS” We are NOT all human beings. I don’t know exactly what white people are.. but it has nothing to do with HUMANITY or being Human.

      • patches Aldukhil

        I think you did not understand what I am saying?

  • skoot

    here are just a few well known black male celebrities that either are married to white females or have white girlfriends .they are,former NBA players scottie peppen,,,michael jordan,,,tampa bay bucks football coach lovie smith,former nfl coach dennis green,,,,herman edwards who coached the ny jets years ago,detroit loins RB reggie bush,,ahmad rashad,shannon sharpe, ,,actors mario van peeples,,,qunicy jones ,foxs news jaun williams,,actor dennis haysbert of the allstate insurance company commercial,musicians charlies wilson of the gap band,,,rapper ICE,,,aeenan ivory wayans,,babby face,,ramsey lewis,,, soccer star hope solo and her black husban jerramy stevens and countless more black men and white women celebrities..remember these ladies that these black men are with are white,not half white,they are pure white,,if u don’t believe me,go to and see for