The number of black male celebrities that date or marry white women has always been a favorite topic of discussion for some folks — including us — so, in celebration of rapper-actress Eve and her businessman beau, Maximillion Cooper, expecting their first child, we decided to flip the script and take a look at some famous black women and their pale-faced partners.

stereo williams

Stereo Williams

Todd "Stereo" Williams, entertainment writer based in New York City. He co-founded Thirty 2 Oh 1 Productions, an indie film company.

  • sick

    i feel to say who you will or will not date is the same as the laws of old that said interracial marriages were a sin and out lawed. It almost sounds like a business or a product that one is better thn the other , OH!!!!!!!!!!!! I forgot to mention were all human created equal in the eye sight og GOD and the US Constitution. I’m out.