Celebrity psychic Irene Hughes, 91, has died. In her lifetime, Hughes had been credited with predicting major natural disasters, and detailed personal life events.

Irene Hughes’ mother was a half Cherokee Native American who used coffee grounds to predict the future. At age 4, Irene says fairies took her into an attic and passed the gift on to her.

“In the attic, there was a man standing beside the fairy,” Hughes told film critic Roger Ebert in 1967. “I knew instinctively that he was a spirit, not of this world. The two of then told me I would see Lucy, the colored woman who worked for us, and that she would give me some jewelry. They also said I would receive a doll.

“Later that afternoon, I walked over to Lucy’s house. She was sick in bed, and she said she wanted to give me some jewelry before she died. She gave me a string of brass beads, which must have meant a great deal to her. And the next day, two neighbor girls came over and gave me their doll, which they had outgrown.”

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out