Kat Stacks calls Honey Cocaine a ‘murderer’ in Freddy E’s suicide

Freddy E.

Infamous rap groupie Kat Stacks wasted no time after being released from a Louisiana immigration facility to dig her claws in a new victim.

Venezuela-born Kat Stacks, born Andrea Herrera, was just given a permanent reprieve from being deported back to her native land when she learned of the suicide of up-and-coming rapper Freddy E. of Seattle.

After assessing the situation, she tore into Freddy E’s former girlfriend Honey Cocaine, calling her a ‘murderer,’ insinuating that while the Tyga-signed rapper didn’t pull the trigger, she might as well had. Stacks also responded so strongly because she and Freddy were friends and he edited one of her “most popular” videos.

Honey Cocaine

So when she saw that Honey Cocaine trying to clear her name immediately after the news of the suicide hit social media instead of offering stronger evidence of condolences and sadness over the situation, the famously blunt Stacks, who says she will go with the name Andrea Herrera from now on, totally went volcanic.



 Check out what Herrera, aka Kat Stacks, had to say about Honey Cocaine

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