NFL player LeSean McCoy accused of spreading herpes

Despite the fact that sexually transmitted diseases are blazing out of control in America, and most particularly, in urban centers, many athletes and others continue to have reckless and unprotected sex with women.

Superstar NFL running back LeSean McCoy is living the consequences of having random sex with a woman whose name he didn’t know when he impregnated her. And when he tried to embarrass her by siccing his 140,000 Twitter followers on her to tell her to get a job instead of trying to get child support after her, she went volcanic on him.

In fact, the Twitter fight between LeSean McCoy and his baby mama, Steph, made the Eagles running back delete his account entirely.

It all started with an innocuous tweet from McCoy bragging about being on vacation, except he wrote “vocation” in the tweet, which triggered Steph to call him out on his bad spelling. Then she tweeted she “will be paying for tutoring classes Feb. 1” for both of them. Not the worst diss ever, except it seriously struck a nerve with McCoy.

Here’s how McCoy, aka “Shady,” responded, per

— @Angelface0330 man don’t ever n ya life write me about nothing…. U worthless can’t do nothing right WITHOUT ME. Sad u can’t spell or read

— @Angelface0330 no correct that … Beg for money like you been doing you BUM … Don’t ever write me on here I don’t know u waste of life

— @Angelface0330 I never look or speak to u .. Once u lied bout birth control ya life was created … B 4 that u was a nobody dirty alley grill

According to, McCoy also tweeted his followers to “Tell @Angelface0330 to get a job n stop begging for child support money she a BUM needs me to LIVE sad!!!”

But if McCoy was firing Scuds in this Twitter war, then Steph fought back with nuclear warheads. She used profane and vulgar language in response and accused him of spreading a sexually transmitted disease, which we cannot print here, but we can summarize below: 

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