From de-stressing and working out  to dieting and healthy cooking, these must-have apps will help you on your journey.  Why not put your iPhone to greater use by loading up some fitness-friendly apps that will help you get the most out of your workouts? These apps can be used whether you are in the gym, working out at home or outdoors.  Can’t afford a personal trainer? There’s an app for that.

Check out some of the best iPhone apps offered in the Apple  App Store.

  • philhoyt

    fuck this shit, don’t put your lists on separate fucking pages. Great job trying to get more page views. FUCK

    • Austin Cornelio

      Seriously, WTF is wrong w you guys? How the hell is anyone suppose to use this page effectively!?! Arrrggg

  • absurd2718

    My personal favorites are Gym Log+ for weight training and RunKeeper for cardio.

  • Diana Jines

    My favorite is My Walks.

    “My Walks” provides advantages over most of the other GPS walking/hiking/jogging/running apps: (1) Easier to use with an auto-pause feature, (2) More accurate with adjustments for uphill climbs, (3) An auto shut-off battery saver, (4) Can get you “Back on Time” or “Back by Dark”, and (5) Easy to email your route map and fitness history.

    Here is a link to the app in the Apple app store:

  • Eyad

    “ProFitness Trainer” from is the best of them, please watch video on-line