Rasheeda_and_Kirk_Frost_page-bg_13361Yes another celebrity marriage has supposedly succumbed to the reality show “curse.”

According to inside sources, Rasheeda of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is allegedly divorcing her husband, Kirk.

The longtime Atlanta-based female rapper has accused her husband of creeping with “socialite” Alexis Miller (and we emphasize “socialite”), who used to “socialize” with Shaquille O’Neal back in the day, along with many other celebrities.

Therefore, Kirk’s worst nightmare has materialized. rolling out was present at the LAHHA reunion show in New York when Kirk admitted that he was afraid that if Rasheeda did not become a breakout national rap star that their marriage might implode from the mounting internal pressures to produce.

Well, it looks like the decade-long union has splintered into a thousand pieces, but not necessarily emanating from musical ineptitude. The accusation of infidelity on Kirk’s part may have made the whole thing spill out over the top.

Moreover, a pregnant Rasheeda reportedly ordered her husband to pack his things. Insiders claim she has every intention of following through with the divorce proceedings.

Stay tuned for developments.

Terry Shropshire

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  • Stop Frontin

    Yeah, right! No one believes this fake story. Clearly its a bogus attempt to try to make them more interesting and give them some “drama.”

  • bkisses

    look she needs to get rid of his sorry ass, shes pregnant and she doesnt need a cheating husband in her life.. this can make her have a miscarriage maybe thats what hes aiming for.

  • Lolalove1

    my question is wtf does she see i his ugly a** she is wayyy to pretty for him