Discovery Channel to release new reality series, ‘Naked & Afraid’


The Discovery Channel is baring it all in their new reality TV series Naked & Afraid.

Naked and Afraid will feature two complete strangers, one man and one woman, for twenty-one days as they attempt to survive and navigate their way to a predetermined extraction point, one to ten miles from their drop-off location. Each episode features a different couple in a different location and will premiere June 23.

As part of the show, the survivalists are allowed one personal item of their choosing. They are also given a “rudimentary map” and Go Pro cameras, “which were rolling at all times,” according to Denise Contis, an executive producer on the show.

This is the second reality series for the network that features nudity based programming.  The first was Naked Castaway, which debuted back on April 14, in which survivalist Ed Stafford is left on Olorua, a deserted island near Fiji, for sixty days without clothes, food, or tools.

“We are telling a magnetic story with compelling characters and a vicarious exploration,” said Contis. “’Naked and Afraid’ touches all or a lot of the key components to our programming.”

Is reality TV going too far with featuring nudity based programming?

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