Chicago mother arrested for raping a man at gunpoint


Ciera Ross, a mother of two, has been arrested and charged with raping a man. According to CBS Chicago, Ross and a friend were driving on the North Side of Chicago when they saw a man walking down the street in late July.

Ross, 25, stopped and asked the 33-year-old man if he wanted a ride. The man took the offer, but Ross’ true intentions became evident when she pulled a gun on the man. She forced the man to go to the backseat and told him to have sex with her friend. The man pleaded for the women to stop after they made him fondle the woman’s breasts and butt.

Ross then ordered the man to take his clothes off and her friend began to assault him sexually. The women also took $200 and credit cards from the man.

The male victim was able to escape when he saw a taxi cab and ran from the car naked. The cab driver allowed the man to use his cellphone to take a picture of Ross’ license plate. Chicago police arrested Ross on Sept. 3 and the victim identified her as the assailant.

Ross has been arrested for prostitution in the past, but she recently held a position at Denny’s as a waitress. She was charged with rape and armed robbery and held on a $75,000 bond. Her friend has yet to be charged.

In Africa, a Nigerian businessman died after being raped by his five wives.

A.R. Shaw
A.R. Shaw

A.R. Shaw is an author and journalist who documents culture, politics, and entertainment. He has covered The Obama White House, the summer Olympics in London, and currently serves as Lifestyle Editor for Rolling Out magazine. Follow his journey on Twitter @arshaw and Instagram @arshaw23.

  1. Now now now. We know she didn’t rape him. He solicited her and she robbed him. He didn’t want to admit to the solicitation so he said he was raped. Really she is still pathetic though!!

        1. Bro that’s sexist and the exact reason dudes that get raped never say anything. People always say stuff like that and it’s BS. The dude could’ve actually been telling the truth but people like you going to crucify him.

        2. If we had “equality” and if feminism was REALLY about “equality” then we could flip the genders and it would sound the same. As below:

          “There is always more to the story when a woman claims to have been raped”

          Instead if such a sentence was uttered the person uttering it would be jumped on be feminists who “claim” to believe in “equality”.

          Feminism – claiming one thing and doing another.

      1. Rape is seldom just about sex. It’s control. These woman may have been degraded by men or other in their past…..and wanted to do that to others idk.. But rape of men is possible. But rare.

        1. Not so rare- the number of men forced to penetrate someone in the 2011 CDC study matched almost identically to the number of women rape victims. Just the CDC refuse to categorize men forced to penetrate someone as rape.

          1. Feminists have forced the government to replace “rape” of males with “forced to penetrate” so as to belittle the experiences of men and dehumanise them.

            Feminism – NOT practising what it preaches.

    1. Its always something in defense for women maybe she really did just rape him who the hell decides to rob somebody but still have sex in the process plus this man ran naked to safety

      fucking rapist

      1. In this case a prostitute, who gets in a car with a random person ( unless it is an illegal business transaction).This is a grown man who gets in the car with two women whom he does not know…hmmm…theres more to this story.

        1. If you question a woman who gets in a car with strangers and gets raped no one would be saying “there’s more to the story”. Even when men are victims they are having their behaviour queried in a way we would not tolerate if the genders were flipped. Proof that feminism is NOT about equality. Feminism is NOT breaking down stereotypes. On the contrary it is about buttressing and reinforcing stereotypes. Feminism can not survive without such stereotypes. Feminism needs and wants women to feel weak or else there is no feminism. Nothing frightens feminists more than empowered women doing it for themselves like #WomenAgainstFeminism.

          1. dude did your wife leace you!?!? are all your comments about feminist or is that a new subject your learning about!?!? grow some fucking balls

      1. It depends on the type of sex, a woman can’t make me hard if I don’t want her, so no sex would take place, but if it was an anal assault then that’s more believable.

        1. t doesn’t take much outside stimuli to get a penis erect. a man can be unconscious while a woman does this to initiate vaginal sex.
          the man could be drugged with a cocktail mix of drugs that includes viagra that induces an erection. I know you think it doesn’t make sense, but yes, women do rape men. it’s not about gender here, it’s literally about people who get off on control. the women who do rape men tend to get away with it because of people like you.

          1. There are even cases of sleeping male rape victims being hit for child support and legally a male rape victim is STILL liable for child support. Consent is irrelevant, only the fact of paternity. If women could be hit for such huge financial commitments for 20 years against their consent can you imagine the outcry from feminists about such an outrage. Proof that feminist do not believe in equality.

        1. Rape is sexual intercourse without consent. So, yes. A man can be raped by a woman. Just as having sex with an unconscious woman is rape, having sex with an unconscious man is rape. Neither one is capable of giving consent. Having an erection is not the same as giving consent. There have been many times when I’ve had an erection when I didn’t want one. Especially when I was in my teens and 20s. You can’t always control that. A woman raping a man doesn’t happen as often as a man raping a woman, but it DOES happen. And can be just as traumatizing, because the victim is being violated either way. Both have to worry about getting a disease from their attacker. Both have to worry about pregnancy from the rape. (I believe the man is legally responsible to support a child that results from the rape, even if he’s the victim.) The ONLY thing the man doesn’t have to worry about is suffering complications from going thru childbirth. Laugh all you want, but this is a very serious issue.

      1. it doesn’t take much outside stimuli to get a penis erect. a man can be unconscious while a woman does this to initiate vaginal sex.
        the man could be drugged with a cocktail mix of drugs that includes viagra that induces an erection. I know you think it doesn’t make sense, but yes, women do rape men. it’s not about gender here, it’s literally about people who get off on control. the women who do rape men tend to get away with it because of people like you.

  2. Did you simple minded people miss where it saod he was walking down the street and took the offer for a ride to have a GUN pointed at him???..rape is rape and has no gender folks. The detail about her being a prostitute is nothing if thats not what she was doing right then. People like to make stories read what they want it to say. Read the details and take it at that. Anything else is assuming..

      1. What deal? A ride? Are you saying that it was a deal for prostitution? I didnt read that in there. Im juat saying for us not to put stuff i the article that isnt there juat because they added the detail that she has been involved in prostitution before..

        1. she aint Rape that Dude,he just got caught with his pants down ,and she embarrass his but made him get out her car,but naked,that what he deserves,she should have bust a cap in him,a dead man can,t talk.

    1. Yalll niggas are stupid af.
      Why yous throwing extra details in the story. Unless you were the other bitch in the car then I suggest yall quit tryna tell a story that NONE of us know about. Actin like yall are god & know everything. Rape doesnt stick to one gender. I worry for the future of this world.

      1. i totally agree with you buddy.. let me tell ya, a bitch holds a gun to me
        im probabably gona get shot or do what she wants, most likely shot, because im stubborn like
        that. but yea, bitchs rape kids all the time, you just dont hear about it. tryn to get knocked up
        cous noone else wants there nappy crazy ass..

      2. It is very possible… I had a situation where I was on a very strong medication and a female friend that was supposed to be my ride pulled something similar. While I was out of it she took it upon herself to start giving me head and thought if was cool cause I got hard. The meds I was on had my head gone. I woke up afterwards with her apologizing cause I told her I was celibate but she said she wanted more. Rape is possible for men… It’s about consent not the physical act.

    1. @ Lacey… You dumb bitch!! Just because it’s a man he can’t possibly be a victim of rape huh? You’re nothing but an ignorant scumbag piece of shit. I don’t find anything funny about this article.

          1. What the hell is going on, am I seeing men claiming that men could get raped too? Sure men get taking advantage of, from time to time. Most times it’s for the purpose of gaining wealth. But men are built to serve (women to nurture), you should feel less of a man if you’re single yet refuse to give a female (esp. if she’s even just a lil attractive) sum if she really wanted it, even if you’re gay. Ya’ll gotta be sum 90’s or later babies.

    2. I love it when women will say he got what he deserved and ASSUME it was something other than what he said. Rape is wrong and out of order. And YES women can force sex on a guy. It may not be as often as men do it but it does happen. This mentality is also what’s wrong with guys today…. Women and men make fun of other men when they admit things like this. But if he would’ve domed both of them then all of you would be saying how wrong HE was. She deserves the same treatment a guy would get for doing the same thing. Toss her ass deep in for a long time.

  3. That is a close friend of mine. And he didn’t get rape, he had sex but didn’t want to pay up so she pulled out her gun and took all his money and kicked him out the car.

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking. Then he got mad that she treated him like that and claimed it was rape. Yeah, that sounds exactly right. Men hate for women to treat them wrong but feel that because they are men they can do whatever they want to women.

    2. Wow this surprising likely to have happened since u are the friend correct of this guy so u know wat u have said is the truth but how the hell we kno u really his friend is it also likely that he could have gotten raped by this psychotic female I mean yeah she may have a history of prostitution but she could have raped him n robbed him who knows I mean we were not there to see this happen nor was you but your the friend right lol why don’t you just shut up ok because like I said how we kno ur tellin the truth unless u can prove u were there rapist can be either both genders male or female maybe he was rape or maybe he wasn’t but until provin otherwise why don’t everyone shut the fuck up n keep their opinions to themselves please and thank you… You all have a bless day

  4. Why does so many conversations go to racist slurs…I’ve read women being called “black bitches”..the article doesn’t even specify the race of the victim…and yes men can get raped…but she is innocent until proven guilty…and unfortunately this really does look like it could be a case of a man soliciting prostitution and trying not to pay for services rendered…she’s been duped before…lol…if it is a case of an innocent man just accepting a ride from a perfect stranger and gets robbed and sexually assaulted…then that’s messed up

  5. Wow…so my question is why haven’t the friend got charged to…I don’t care what anyone say the story don’t sound right. I’m not saying she didn’t do it but if the friend in the back set and proceed to have sex with him after he said no, then she is guilty as Ross is. And also they said “she forced him to the back set” was the friend already in the back set when they picked him up. He should have saw that and knew there was something wrong there . Cause if she got out to let him sit in the front. That doesn’t sound right if u going to get in the car when someone offer u a ride “normally” that person would just hoped in the back or whatever seat is available! I’m thinking there more to this story. I’m saying cause if it was the other way around I would have the same question. The only thing I would add if it was a female is she should have known better then to get into a car with males! Not saying he was safe cause he was a male and they where females is because no matter what we might still be blind to or trying to make ourselves believe men are still the domain ones! But it’s here nor there she is wrong no matter how it played out the fact is she pulled a gun on him raped and robbed him. Her and her friend need to be under the jail!

  6. Yall men need to stop crying victim y’all be giving that thang away all the time!! Y’all will cheat and talk about all the girls you done had but now y’all want sympathy smh…if she wouldn’t of made him I’m pretty sure he would have offered his wood right up

  7. All of you mother fuckers on this post can suck on my balls and let my dick slap ya in the forehead. Bunch of cumbucket bitches and pussy face assholes. Fuck youuuuu!!!!! Amerikaaaaaa yeaaaaaaa!!!!!

  8. I definitely believe that men can be victims of rape. But something’s weird about this story to me. This man is wide awake during his alleged assault and somehow, he must have had enough of an erection in order to be “raped”. Can a man get an erection without being aroused? Can a woman rape a man without an erection?

    1. Idk myself personally but What I do know is it doesn’t take much stimulation for us men to get a hard on hell just think about morning wood and the mind and body can at times not be on the same accord and men and women’s bodies don’t Work in the same fashion a woman gets raped her body as a defense mechanism can tense up explaining why the male has to be so forceful to get it in her and why women get hurt when the guy forces his penis in her when she isn’t wet meanwhile the penis has No such function whatsoever. Now am I saying this Man really got raped No since I wasn’t there How would I know plus something in this story doesn’t add up to Me either I just wanted to make the point it’s possible for a Man to get raped but it’s highly unlikely in my opinion

    2. Men can he an erection without wanting to have sex. The same way a woman gets soaking wet and hard nipples when she’s about to be raped. Doesn’t mean shit in either case

  9. Yall are pathetic if yall dont think she raped him, women are always wanting to be equal to men, this is something that actually happens but yall think its just about sex and a robbery, if it was just a robbery then he wouldnt have ran away naked.

  10. Hey time were tight and she did what a woman had to do take control play that Janet Jackson jam while she worked her goodies on him and he said 20 and she went off and 5x the 20 =200 as you a working woman has bill to pay kids to feed and a appetite to go that not a fast food trick she a ride to die dick chick.

  11. It’s not impossible. Men are victims of sexual assault as well as women, and victims of domestic violence as well. Whatever happened he was still victimized.

  12. I do not get it, I would beg to use a condom but I am not reporting no woman for raping me, I would probably go back for more. I mean if Beyonce raped me or Rihanna even, you think I calling the police, hell no. Leave the woman alone, we raped them for centuries, one for them 10 zillion for us, let the damn woman go, jail the man for being a snitch whimp.

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          1. let me answer your question with a question he was penetrating true but so are 15 year old kids with teachers mothers aunts or is that not rape either?

          2. the victim of a rape is the person that got penetrated on and a person that is not over 15…. other than that to evry man is a pleasure… rape is meant to b pain… if a man ejaculate after penetration he feels pleasure… but wen some one is being raped they feel pain… especially if a man is being penetrated…

          3. okay thats fair , but if your first sentence is true we rape women everyday?….. of course not lol cause what defines rape is the unwillingness of the victim. there are different types of pain you’re defining physical but there is emotional pain and mental pain as well not to mention after the physical “pleasure” there is guilt and embarrassment


          5. Thank you for saying that. A femaleay naturally get wet during rape because its physiological and in the past people have tried to state this was a sign of that she enjoyed it. Absolutely false. Also, this notion that men can’t be raped is also bogus. Does he not have the right to day no? Was his life endangered and threatened with a gun? Regardless of who touched whom it’s the same. If a man made a woman fondle him under durress it would be the same.

          6. Um this response must have been meant for the person ENlighten was responding to. Cuz ozy was saying the foolishness not enlighten

          7. Yesss preach cuz ozy is an ass. They didnt even say the details and he was at gunpoint i would think rather than getting shot he would try to perform under those conditions smh

          8. Women can also orgasm during rape, but it does not negate the rape. The human body will take actions to prevent damage to organs and if that involves getting erect or having your lady parts begin lubrication, then so be it. Rape is not defined as “forceful penetration”, but as a forced sexual act on either a man or a woman. Men can be raped, women can be raped, children can be raped.

          9. Wrong Kylie- Feminist groups met with the FBI when they were changing the definition of Rape a couple years ago. They made sure that the definition for keeping records starts with “penetration, no matter how slight…….. If you go by their definition, a man can’t be raped unless he is penetrated. Also, the CDC explicitly states in their survey of 2011 and reiterated just a few days ago, that a man who is forced to penetrate someone is not raped but classified as other sexual assault. This way feminist groups and rape advocacy groups can put out the claim that 99% of rapes are of women by men. Otherwise, the number of victims in their survey is identical.

          10. The new definition of rape is: “The penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.” … The key word Here is victim. It doesn’t matter who penetrates long as penetration occurs and the victim did not consent.

          11. Please link this “new” definition. I looked at several definitions of rape and NOT ONE said penetration. Nice try, jackass

          12. 1st link I visited said
            Unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth of another person, with or without force, by a sex organ, other body part, or foreign object, without the consent of the victim.”

            By THAT definition, what she was arrested for cannot be termed “Rape” of the man HOWEVER unwilling he was.
            “Bit of a bugger ” that one.

          13. Actually love by your definition , IT IS RAPE. it doesn’t say who’s penetrating just that there s penetration and the victim doesn’t consent… it says it’s rape if any of these things are entered by any of these thing with or without force so long as the victim doesn’t want it… not that the penetration has to be by the suspect… smh let’s not just read but comprehend as well people.. just saying

          14. She was A accessorie to the crime. If your friend robs A bank and you only drive the getaway car, you are still helping to commit the crime.

          15. Last time I checked, the FBI isn’t a dictionary. Just because the FBI will only charge rape is if penetration is made, does not mean local law enforcement will not file rape charges.

          16. Please link me a dictionary definition that rape is the person that gets penetrated. Fucking feminist pig.

          17. Actually I do not agree with you because men have been anally raped and most ejaculate from it. Some women get raped, but just let the guy finish to prevent pain. People that are raped do not have to feel physical pain. It the point of forcing someone to do something that they really and absolutely do not want to do, which in this case is having sex. If a person has a gun to your head and say have sex with me, you might do it to prevent from being shot no matter if the woman is an ugly crack head woman or a man.

          18. Wow whoever thinks that a) a man can not be raped by a woman and b) rape automatically equals pennitration is seriously MENTALITY RETARDED and thus why they can not grasp the concept of what sexual assault is…. I’m pretty amazed to read some of these comments its almost comical how stupid some of you sound! Have fun floating through life as the village idiot! I prefer to live with my head NOT shoved so far up my own ass I can’t even use logic…. Just mind blowing…

          19. That was directed at ozy and any other person who had a brain tumor for breakfast I don’t know why it liked me to CampFier’s comment…I might know how to think but not so good with computers LOL

          20. for real men can get rape from a woman, which leaves to question how many rapist is in this comment box, smh.

          21. actually female rape victims have reported orgasms from being raped that doesn’t mean it isnt scarring or mentally damaging.

          22. Naaaah n*gga, you the stupid MF here, with that statement. Open ya mouth and let every body know just how stupid your azz is! LOL

          23. Wow. Several of you really are showing your ignorance.

            1. If a woman orgasms it’s still rape. Rape isn’t defined by if you have an orgasm or not.

            2. Men and women being rape can achieve an orgasm sometimes the body just responds that way. Doesn’t mean they wanted to.

            3. Instead of blurting out negative responses because you simply “just don’t know” how about taking all of 5 minutes to do some research before coming back with childish uneducated responses

          24. So question if a woman is raped and she orgasms is it still not rape, rape can also be categorized as a sexual act against ones will, your idea of rape only being penetration is stupid.

          25. This is the definition of rape, I’ve looked up several and none mentioned penetration. Your level of ignorance is overwhelming.

            unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse.
            any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person.

          26. Rape is not about pleasure or penetration. Rape is only about power and control! Ask any rape survivor if they felt in control or powerful, they will tell you how humiliating and degraded they felt. People should learn more about a subject before speaking on it.

          27. Actually, being stimulated is out of your control. How do you explain morning glory. He was raped because he was being forced to do a sexual act, even if he was doing the penetration. He unwillingly became erect, the male genitals can do that yes. Without subconsciously wanting to do a sexual act, you can become erect. It’s the bodies reaction to sensation down there…..learn some fucken anatomy you dumbass.

          28. That’s bull crap. What if a woman made a man have oral sex with a 400 pound woman at gun point? That’s rape!!!

          29. he had a heart attack!! which me he was doing the most moving. the guy was older. with horny older wives and the younger one; already he was screwing. the part that killed him was” after he was finished with the 2nd to the last, he saw that there was another big hill to climb an was like oooooooh! I had one wife to many!!

          30. Or he had a fucking heart attack cause this crazy woman had a fucking gun to his head. You fucking idiot.

          31. Hope this helps…and i hope ur sons, brothers, cousins, fathers, and uncles never get violated….bc these comments are awful!

          32. That’s not true. Some women orgasm during rape. That doesn’t mean that she wanted it.

          33. Huh? You don’t have to feel physical pain to be raped, any forced sexual contact is sexual assault at least! Plus they never said in the article he penetrated anyone, she could have went down on him. Smh

          34. Ok we not talkin bout 15yr.olds,teachers,aunts,we talkin about a person man or woman against his or her will no means NO !!!!!!!!!

          35. If a chick holds you at gun point and forces you to eat her pussy then thats obviously not rape right? Idiot.

          36. you got nerve to speak such bull shit, and call someone an idiot in the same sentence. if a guy holds a girl gunpoint and forces her to suck his dick is that rape? dumb ass

          37. “The crime of forcing another to perform sexual intercourse against their will”

            -Definition of rape

          38. rape1
            the offence of forcing a person, esp a woman, to submit to sexual intercourse against that person’s will See also statutory rape

          39. I don’t know if this story is true but it seems stupid to me. He’s a man point blank . A man over a woman plz he would have beat that ass.. no doubt. He must of not been all there in his right mind because he deff didn’t get raped.

          40. “The crime of forcing another to perform sexual intercourse against their will”

            -Definition of rape

          1. If your going call someone incompetent at lease special it with the correct grammar. Clearly what’s evidently obvious is your looking your nose on the next person for stating their opinion when it’s apparent that you need to go back to school aquire an actual education. Rape is being forced to perform sexual act as well as forcing yourself onto another person with the intention to do lude acts of sexual violence such as forced or unwanted pentertration

          2. Ozy, you should actually read a law before you act like an expert on it. I served on a jury that was hearing a rape case and everything you said is 100% wrong…

            Rape has nothing to do with penetration and everything with being forced to have sex against your will.

          3. ok… which one is worse the man raping the woman or the woman raping the man… if we are talking about feelings the woman would be much more devastated then the man who gets raped by a woman… and if the man or the woman gets convicted for rape should they serve the same sentence… meaning should they be treated the same in court of law…if no then im right…

          4. Jesus dude grow the F-up! You know that rape doesn’t even have anything to do with sex right? Its about power, its about exserting your power over someone else. What’s worese a man or woman blah blah blah you sound like a child ever consider that they are both equally bad? Have you ever had sex before? Do you know what the word consensual means? Because where I’m standing you sound like an underaged virgin that somehow logged on to grown ups computer to make some really BS comments on a subject you clearly know nothing about…mind blown

          5. “The crime of forcing another to perform sexual intercourse against their will”

            -Definition of rape

            Look it up kiddo

          6. “at least”, “spell”, “you’re”, “acquire”, “lewd”, “penetration”.

            Just sayin’. Carry on, carry on. 🙂

          7. i disagree, incompetent means “lacking the skills to do something successfully”, in this case mental skills, to successfully come up with a valid point. no disrespect, but you failed

    1. naw forced insertion if your a man you would know it takes nothing to get hard. but women tend to use tools not dildos but bats glass bottles etc source i was SHARP instructor in the military the shit is wild

    2. rape1
      the offence of forcing a person, esp a woman, to submit to sexual intercourse against that person’s will See also statutory rape

      No penetration.

    3. A 39 year old woman forced herself on me when I was a teen. I freaked out and did not know what to do. She was my boss in Chicago. I disagree with the Dildo statement. No dildo was brought out by my boss but I assure you, I was violated and had no idea WHAT to do in a city where I knew nobody and had recently moved to get away from rednecks and nothing happening in Mississippi.

  14. Why would he be lyin so obviously ???
    You all who are sayin without even been present when it happened are fuckin lames..
    When its about women gettin raped then thats true but a man cant be raped by bitches???
    Fuck y all…

  15. Bunch of disgusting sexist cunts in this comment section. You all deserve to be raped after demonstrating such blatant disreguard for a victim. But hey, he had a penis so who cares, right? This is why people started treating feminists for the two-faced biggots they are.

    1. I agree people are sexist cunts, but there is no reason to wish rape on another person. Just because they don’t believe he got raped doesn’t mean they should be raped in return.

  16. idk about you losers saying what man doesn’t want sex, but when you get it enough believe it or not ladies the’re times when you don’t want it if you hold me up at gunpoint and make me have sex thats rape if you do not respect when it happens to a man i would expect you to feel the same about women

  17. Those that are trivializing thus incident do so at their own risk. It is ok for you to. If it were any of you by chance that this happened to and six months down the road you tested. Positive for HIV i’d like to see your faces. The mere fact that he was forced to and actually fled when he saw a chance to gives credit to his story. Those treating it lightly are most likely hoping they were the ones that were raped. When a gun is pointed at you and you do not know if your next moment could be your last you might not take it as lightly as you are doing now.

  18. That’s rape. No matter how you look at it. He had a gun pointed to his head and was told to have some sexual acts against his will to a total stranger? Yeah, we’re is this not? Feminist talk about equality but nothing about justice. There is a difference.

  19. Really, there’s a lot of guys who are just as pathetic as these rapists. You’re projecting your lonely asses into these victims because you can’t get any, a lot of us aren’t desperate for sex.

  20. The comments on here are disgusting.

    An erection, does not mean he wanted it, or consented to it.

    The not knowing that a man’s penis will become erect involuntarily, in reaction to being touched. ..means you lot think a man can’t be raped.

    And I don’t give two f***s what the legal definition is.

    THIS IS RAPE and you all should be damn ashamed of yourselves.

  21. There is so much ignorance on this thread, it makes one wonder there must really be a lot of sexual offenders out there and women who think rape “is” ok. Because life isn’t Burger King: you can’t have it the way you want it.

  22. noun
    the unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duressto have sexual intercourse.
    any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person.
    statutory rape.
    an act of plunder, violent seizure, or abuse; despoliation; violation:
    the rape of the countryside.
    Archaic. the act of seizing and carrying off by force.verb (used with object), raped, raping.
    to force to have sexual intercourse.
    to plunder (a place); despoil.
    to seize, take, or carry off by force.verb (used without object), raped, raping.
    to commit rape.

  23. ok stop every gender can be fucking raped dont be like:”oh who was doing the penetrating?”
    guys cant always prevfent a boner they just happen
    stop being a smart ass your making yourself look like a fool

  24. rape
    the unlawful compelling of a person through physical force or duress to have sexual intercourse.
    any act of sexual intercourse that is forced upon a person.

    This does not include the word “penetration”. Please do a google search before you talk about things you have no knowledge of.

  25. I don’t know what’s most sad..the fact that this really did happen, or that so many people don’t believe that men can get raped. IF YOU ARE UNWILLINGLY/FORCED MAN OR WHOMAN, TO PERFORM SEXUAL ACTS, THAT IS CALLED RAPE!!! If someone had a gun up to you you’d find a way to get erect too! Smh..

  26. you mf are stupid as hell..what do everyone want to be right or something?
    damn the definition for rape is exactly as such, FORCE it doesn’t matter if it hurt him wtf he was forced to have sex you fuckin moron…

  27. I think this guy doors not deserve my sympathy not to sound like a asshole but think about it if two guys had asked him for a ride in Chicago he would have said no because he would’ve thought they were going to hurt him but two women asked he was ok with that why? I’ll tell you why because he was attracted to them and felt that he could’ve gotten lucky but when the gun was drawn he got nervous now it’s not right that she drew a weapon and stole from him but his reasoning for getting in the car want for a ride it was because he was attracted to them and thought that it was his lucky night

  28. Ok for everyone saying he wasnt raped is just dumb how would you feel if it was a family member of yours male or female it doesnt matter he didnt want it she held a gun on him nobody (no matter the gender )should have to go through this and it makes it even worse knowing that there are people out there making a joke of something so horrible how about before making a joke sit back and realize what happened to him and what he had to go through…… have a heart people!!!!

  29. Ok everyone let’s clear up something. Rape definition is as follows,

    Sexual Assault: the sexual exploitation, forcible penetration, or an act of sexual contact on the body of another person, male or female, without his or her consent.

    Rape is an act of power and control, in which the victim is humiliated, degraded, and left with feelings of shame, guilt, and anger. If you are forced against your will to have sex with someone, that is rape.

    Lets understand something. The media will blow everything out of proportion. If the ladies did not penetrate him then he was sexually assaulted.

    As for the all the comments about orgasims during a rape or sexual assault. Would you be so callous that a child of a sexual assault or rape had an orgasm?

    If the ladies forced the man to have sex with then then it was a sexual assault on him (forced sex) because he was held at gunpoint. If they violated his person as to penetrate him it is also rape 2 counts of sexual assault and 2 counts of rape in the 1st degree and 2 counts of armed robbery. They kidnapped the man, forces him to have sex with them at gunpoint, and robbed him of money and credit cards. If I were the state’s attorney on this case that would be how I would charge these defendants.

  30. tEchnically The guy wanted it, but here’s a known fact, us as men should know this one, if a man is in FEAR, his penis would not get an erection Unless he is a thrill speaker, unlike a woman all you have to do is stick it in her, he became upset enough to call the cops when they decided to Rob him, be honest if anyone of you was made to insert your dick into a woman, would you callthe cops and face humiliation? Or would you just continue to go get yourself tested, and go on about your life?

  31. Ok im gonn . Settle this conversation because yall sound stupid, and im a cop so ill define it, rape is penetration, it can happen to anyone man,women,kids…..this man was forced at gun point to have sex so true he was.doing the penetrating, which was against his will, i agree the title saying he was raped is false. This man was forced to perform sexual acts against his will by gun point and then robbed, so there for he was sexually assaulted- defined as sex or touching or verbal against your will without penetration, with aggravated battery with weapon and robbery.

    1. Oh hey good , your a cop. Thats what and glad you spoke. Well i am a lawyer…now let me clue you in on some facts. Rape is rape but there are degrees of it. If this is to go to court and depending on the charges after the investigation is done the woman who did the the RAPING can be charged with actual rape but according to their state and judicial laws is where it will be classified. Men who are raped by other men is still rape….not because they have a penis but because of the forced sexual act . Same would be if a woman raped a woman. She doesnt need a dildo to commit rape. Even if that woman didnt force the male to actually penetrate her and she gave him unwanted forced oral sex, its still Rape which is a sexual assult. Women force young boys into sex is rape as well. Rape is merely one of many definitions of sexually assulting someone wether interource happens or molesting. Its an act of Rape. You as a proclaimed cop should know this sir. They raped the man at gunpoint.

      People can come to their own ideas of what they think might of happenedn and some here say some pretty retarded things and idiotic as well and no one should take his or any male , female or child assult lightly. Rape can be done by any gender to another. All the men making fun of this whole thing, your not men, your douchebags….right along with the women who thinkin same things as you do thats idiotic. Shame on yall and pray this doesn’t happen to your son, daughter, wife, husband or you…since your takin this so cold hearted.

  32. A little clarifacation for those that dont understand.Rape is about power and control.Just because your body responds means absolutely nothing.A women can achieve a climax during a rape,that doesnt mean she is enjoying herself.Conversly a man can become aroused and forced to penetrate someone against his will.(This is more then likely what happened in this case)Remember its always about control and power,nothing else.Gm.

  33. Omg…..I pray none of u ever get raped cuz then U’d see all ur comments as extremely offensive. Smh I guess u wouldn’t kno the true definition unless it happens to u. :/

  34. It wouldnt be called “rape”, if 2 women forced me to fuck,em. It’ll be called a “Great Night”!! They would’ve been upset if they tried to rob me though, because I dont carry any cards & no more then $20 cash on me…

  35. rape
    unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth of another person, with or without force, by a sex organ, other body part, or foreign object, without the consent of the victim.

  36. rape1
    the offence of forcing a person, esp a woman, to submit to sexual intercourse against that person’s will.

    That covers it all. Nothing about penetration. She didnt penetrate him, she forced him at gunpoint to have sex with her friend. Thats how she is charged with rape.

  37. Man it’s crazy how ppl don’t believe that a man can get raped. If a Lady is pointing a gun at you fear is going to capture you and thoughts will be going thru your head like I hope I don’t get shot I hope they don’t kill me that’s why a man would run away naked from them cause he don’t want to die. Then the ladies could have a disease and want to infect someone that’s rape!!

  38. For all you morons in the comments, the definition of rape is “The crime of forcing another to perform sexual intercourse against their will”. It is not, as i have seen.
    Strictly to who is penetrating, strictly to the gender of the person being raped, strictly to how the person is being raped.
    Rape is forced sex, plain and simple. This woman forced a man, at gunpoint, to have sexual intercourse.
    Another for all you idiots, the mans penis is not ejaculated by pleasure, it is ejaculated by stimulation. Meaning, it does not have to be pleasure for it to happen! Just because you failed to understand the concept of human anatomy, doesn’t mean you have a grasp on rape!

  39. You’re all incredibly stupid. It doesn’t matter if he was penetrated or not. Rape is being forced to have sex. What do you call this? He was held at gunpoint and had sex against his will…that’s rape. Some people are so dumb.

  40. How can ya’ll sit here and debate whether this man was raped or not? He was held at gun point…..forced to have sex…..and just because he was a man doesn’t mean he can’t be rapped in the manner that a woman is! The fact that there is penetration makes it a rape bc he was forced to penetrate her!! Did yall miss the part about the other woman began to sexually assault him, not that he started f-ing her?? A man’s dick is going to get hard no matter what….natural reaction to touch! That, however, doesn’t change the fact that at that moment that man had a gun pointed at him and he was going to do whatever they wanted to stay alive!! That man was minding his own damn business when the two bitches rolled up on him! He was an innocent man point blank period forced to do something he didn’t want to do and then robbed afterwards! No doubt that this is rape, even by definition of the law!!!

  41. I am a male who was RAPED by two women. I also had my throat, wrists and oenis cut! You people are messed up if you think only women can be raped. May God have mercy on your soul.

  42. men can and have been raped by women. its not about who penetrated who. its about power and control. men can be raped. ask a male veteran with ptsd. its not just the war.

  43. Yeah right. Buddy was buying pussy. They probably didn’t tell him how much till he was done and he was like new and they robbed him. That story sound so unlikely

  44. Being forced into any act, especially at gunpoint, makes you a victim. Only small minded individuals think that a man can’t be raped. It is not only judged based on being penetrated but being forced into sexual acts in which you have no desire to be in. This gentleman was violated by two women who deserve the same punishment as if it had been two guys.

  45. Why am I hearing about this now?! I heard that this crazy bitch was a EXO-L (Fans of Korean boyband EXO) and she thought he was Kai, one of the members! This bitch is off her rocker!

  46. Feminist groups are the reason behind why it seems as if only men rape women.

    Any person (of any gender) that forces another person (of any gender) into any type of sexual intercourse with him/her, should be classified as a rapist

  47. Why arent they both charged with rape? Watch them get only a sexual assualt conviction. The legal system IS NOT FAIR IN HOW IT CHARGES AND PROSECUTES WOMEN OR ITS TREATMENT TO DEFEND MEN.

  48. I saw all the posts saying that a woman cannot rape a man or just calling it sexual assault so I asked a buddy about it and he responded with the following which I thought was definitely on point:

    seriously answer this question yes a man be raped by a woman. Rape is
    about control not just of the body, but of the mind, will, and soul.
    Just because you have an erection that doesn’t automatically justify he
    or she is enjoying it. The real question is the journey it took to get a
    person at the point, and if it’s not consensual it’s forced a.k.a.

  49. Now he jumped straddle him an started riding hiM and wouldn’t get off that’s a different story He most likely got erected from being Stimulated and she went to work on him and at gun point.

  50. its not only there it everywhere. ontimidati g to have sex. check dna if father not found or raped or murdered or not consenting jail the whore abort the baby sterilise the whore hang the whore. also sterolise the famy of the wpman.

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