Porsha Williams accused of getting breast implants

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Porsha Williams reportedly gets breast implants 

Did Porsha Williams secretly go under the knife to amp up her cleavage? That’s the question that’s being asked after the reality star shared a photo seemingly showing off new breast implants.

“Trying something diff! Do you guys like my new do?!” Williams captioned the above photo.

And while the housewife wanted fans to weigh in on her hair, they quickly got distracted by her chest.

“Don’t believe in plastic surgery but for her it was very much needed,” wrote one fan.

“They look good, she did it tastefully,” added another.

Previous photos of Williams show her bust looking significantly smaller.



See more of Porsha Williams’ reportedly new breast implants below. -danielle canada

  1. Based on how she looks in the blue bikini, a good bra would not be able to get her looking like she does in the white top. She doesn’t have enough tissue to push up and they look quite rounded at the top. That said, they look good!

  2. OF COURSE SHE HAD INHANCEMENTS ON HER BREAST … THOSE TWO POACHED EGGS SHE HAD WAS NOT GONNA GET NO NBA ..STAR OR AFRICAN PRINCE TO MARRY HER OR BUY A CAR …LOL … PORSHA WOULD NORMALLY BE THE KIND of girl to chase athletes but this ho decided to get breast and chase kim kardashian type dictaors from overseas … these women are no shame right??? porsha got her name out there she is talked about ..but WHO CARES STILL? ATLANTA HOUSE WIVES IS IT FOR HER UNLESS SHE GOES ON DANCEING WITH THE STARS …SMART MOVE FOR NENE ..CAUSE SHE IS ALREADY A REALITY STAR… SHE DONE SOME ACTING , AND SHE IS STILL ON HOUSEWIVES …. other than gregs shaddy pass nene is ok … still look like a man with plastic face .. these new actors on atlanta house wives make you appreciate lisa woo and sherri right? non of the present crew is no house wive all old and children gone… and poor lisa woo , lost custody but yet a housewive? get the hell outta her BRAVO PIMPIN!!!

  3. It’s so OBVIOUS that she got boob implants! As well as other plastic surgery. You can always tell a boob job, because the boobs look too ‘perfect’ and perky. And real boobs are not perfect looking, most women have lopsided natural boobs, meaning one being slightly higher/lower than the other . It’s normal.

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