20 questions with Black Donald Trump supporters Diamond and Silk

(Image Source Courtesy of Diamond)
(Photo courtesy of Diamond)

Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, better known as Diamond and Silk, have become famous for their outspoken support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Trump has a commanding lead in the polls despite his controversial remarks and stances. Many Black voters have been turned off by the Trump’s bigoted rhetoric, but not Diamond and Silk.

Rolling out was fortunate enough to do a 20 question Q-and-A with the two ladies and here are their collective responses:answered as one.

Have you always been politically active?

Do you call yourselves Republicans? Why or why not?
We now call ourselves Republicans because we switched our party to Republican only to vote for Donald Trump.

When President Obama was running for office did you support his run? Why or why not?
We did what we were taught to do, that’s to vote Democrat.

What three things made you support Trump?
He wants to secure our borders to keep America and the American people safe. He wants to bring back our good jobs where people are thriving again and he wants to make America greater and stronger where our country is reverenced again.

Have you received death threats or hate mail because of your support? What was the worst case and how did you handle it?
We handle hate with love because we know people only attack what they fear.

How do you think you are viewed in Black America, especially in social media like #Black Twitter? Have these comments been fair or hurtful in your opinion?
Our support comes from people of all races in the United States and around the world. Although we know that some people may have a difference of opinion, we know that the more some spew hate the more we have to educate.

Donald Trump’s latest statement about Muslims has caused a lot of controversy. Do you support his stance that Muslims should be barred from coming to America? Why?
We support Donald J. Trump wanting to keep all Americans safe.

How do you define a bigot and why is Donald Trump not a bigot?
Donald Trump is a man that loves America and loves the American people. He is the only candidate that’s concerned about all Americans, their safety and them succeeding. wants to do it without being paid, that speaks volumes. He is the only candidate that can’t be bought!

Your critics have called you ignorant and not serious in your support of Trump. How do you answer these critics?
Ignorance is continuing to vote for a Democratic system that promises you hope and change just to get your votes, only to realize that the same system is designed to give you more of the same; poverty, impoverished neighborhoods, no jobs and no hope. To our critics, we’ve been true Trump supporters since he announced he was running for president and we are going to continue to support him all the way to the White House.

Have you received financial support from the Trump campaign or GOP national Super-Pac’s for our continued support for Trump and his ideas?

What do you think Donald Trump has done and will do for the African Americans?
Donald Trump will do for African Americans what he will do for all Americans; bring back opportunities where people are able to obtain good jobs, give incentives to people that want to become entrepreneurs, and fix this system where people are coming up financially instead of staying stuck and left in a rut.

Has America become more racist under President Obama?

How will a President Donald Trump make it different?
Donald Trump is already uniting this country. Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, Asians and Latinos all are switching their party to vote for him while engaging in the political process together. Donald Trump is a visionary; he wants to see all Americans thriving and winning again. When all Americans are part of obtaining the American Dream that will bring harmony and unity.

What are your views on the Black lives matter movement?
A movement should move forward not stay stagnated. You don’t fight change, you make change. We define ourselves as one race and that’s the human race. We believe that All Lives Matter.

Should Rahm Emanuel Resign as Chicago’s mayor in the wake of the Laqaun McDonald murder and other acts of police misconduct under his watch?
He should step down immediately. Anyone in leadership that chooses not to put the need of the people first because of their own greed or look the other way when it comes to injustices should not be leading anything.

Why don’t you support Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders?
Hillary Clinton has too many donors and special interest groups paying millions of dollars into her campaign. She’s the puppet and they’re the puppet master, they will push their own agenda while the American people, particularly African Americans get left behind, still living in poverty, living with substantial student debt and can’t find jobs. Bernie Sanders is a socialist and doesn’t have the stamina to be president.

We no longer choose to vote based on gender, race or political party. We are voting based on who can best do the job and he just so happens to be a Republican. We like that Donald Trump doesn’t bring politics, but a common sense approach on securing our borders, keeping us safe and bringing back jobs where people can provide for their family. Switching your party is very easy to do. DitchandSwitchNow.com to vote for Donald Trump in the primaries!

Mo Barnes
Mo Barnes

"Mo Betta" Maurice "Mo" Barnes is a graduate of Morehouse College and Political Scientist based in Atlanta. Mo is also a Blues musician.

  1. good questions. and now it makes sense…they are “all lives matter” and “we’re once race, the human race” type of people. but i agree with them about hillary.

  2. I love the fact that they think for themselves and not afraid to be out spoken. I lot of the things they say make sense. They have a right to their opinions and they are right about Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. it seems that they are showing that’s it’s time for all people to be treated equally and fairly. We are one race and that’s the human race.

  3. I admire their willingness to cross party lines to make an unbiased decision. How are they so sure that Donald Trump can do what he promises? How can they not see that the comments he has made create MORE division? I think they are just enjoying the spotlight and maybe the $$$ they’ve received.

    1. Many of the comments that are controversial are only because the liberal media twists them around to suit their narrative or lets say their liberal audiences. For example: he never said all Mexicans are killers and rapists, he never said to ban Muslims only pause their immigration here and his comment about Rosie was the truth like it or not. You only hear what you want to hear from the Media think for yourself like these two ladies do or the old plantation will remain alive and well with Dumbocrats running the country as though they own it and no one else lives in it. Take a look at all the D run cities and how bad they are and everyday people are leaving to live in Red states run by Republicans. The media divides not Trump.

    1. If they are miseducated (which I do not think they are) then you can blame it on the liberal public school system as well as private institutions. Liberals are Democrats are they not?

      1. And the Klan(who are conservatives ) back Trump. Of course you don’t believe they are miseducated, because you love Trump too. Are there any liberal klan? This is who’s in your party and obviously the company you keep.

  4. In a time in history as important as this one, behavior like this is unfortunate to say the least. Every once and a while, a few black faces gain media attention in support of some form of Right Wing lunacy. Donald Trump is by far the most narcissistic, bigoted and close minded candidate running for President in this election (and that’s saying quite a bit). His words are dangerous and empty and fall far short of the burden of logic and critical thinking.

    More concerning is his lack of concern for human decency and his high comfort level with badmouthing entire groups of people including Mexicans, Muslims, Women and the list goes on.

    I am truly for sorry for “Diamond & Silk”. Calling someone as divisive as Donald Tump “a uniter” is simple ignorance.

    Finally, on a separate note “Diamond & Silk”. In a country where African Americans are underpaid, under-employed, and sentenced and jailed at alarming rates due to statistically proven racial bias…Black Lives Matter. If we don’t think so as a community, how can we expect anyone else to.

    1. At least Trump has reason to be narcissistic what’s Odumbo’s excuse? It’s obvious you are a poor listener except that you must worship the ground the liberal media walks on since you site many of their talking points in your comments. You are a puppet just like the establishment candidates to their super pac donors.

  5. Has anyone taken into account that if trump funds his own campaign, he has to answer to HIMSELF, and not the people of America? Bernie is funded by the people.. not trump.. trump dont have to answer to no one but himself.. y’all are assuming he’s gonna keep his word.. and if he gets elected, i really truly hope your assumptions are correct.. too be honest i like both.. peace yall

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