Atlanta psychic, Empress Naima, gives spellbinding February energy report


Empress Naima (courtesy)

Who is Empress Naima?

I am a fourth-generation psychic and spiritual practitioner born and raised in the south Louisiana bayou country. My gifts were passed down to me from my father’s side of the family. I am also a musician; a singer, songwriter, and trumpet player with a Bachelor of Arts degree [in music].

Why did you start Bayou Oracle Consulting?

I started Bayou Oracle Consulting because people have always been drawn to me for spiritual advice. One day three people came to me for advice and I was able to sense things and know things about their lives that there was no logical way I could have gotten the information that came to me. The next day more people came to me for advice without me ever putting myself out the as a psychic. I decided to go into business because it seemed as if others had chosen me to help them. This was never something I envisioned myself doing but the more that people came to me, the more apparent it became that I should use my gifts to help others.

What services does Bayou Oracle Consulting offer individuals and businesses?

Bayou Oracle Consulting offers psychic readings, rituals for love, money, etc. Also offered are energy cleansing & blessings for business and spiritual dolls such as candles, mojo bags, and various potions.

What tips do you have for when a person gets a consultation from a psychic?

I guarantee four things that my clients will receive during a session with me and these are things you should have after meeting with a spiritual practitioner: clarity, confirmation, confidence and control.

A good psychic should give you clarity about things that are going on in your life, confirmation about things that you are going through or thinking, and leave you feeling more confident and in control of your destiny. Be wary of psychics that make broad generalizations, do not give specifics, or gives you doom and gloom prophecies. These are the signs of a charlatan.

Here is my energy report for February 2017:

The energy for the month of February is going to have us focusing heavily on matters concerning our careers, our health, and how we can transform those areas of our lives. All of the cards I pulled are in the suit of Spades, which is the suit of work, health, and transformation in all areas of life.

The month starts off with the 2 of Spades. This is a card that represents partnerships when it comes to work and health matters. Doing business with new people, sharing ideas, business partnerships, and seeking help from professionals such as doctors, life coaches, nutritionists, and personal trainers will be the focus for the first part of the month.

The card for the middle of the month is the 4 of Spades, which complements the previous card. The 4 of Spades is the card of satisfaction in all areas of your life, but especially when it comes to work and health. The partnerships formed in the beginning of the month will prove to be very satisfying and fruitful. Under this influence, an end to the problems that we had previously can be achieved. The 4 of Spades is letting us know that we are entering into a period of stability in our lives.

The month ends with the 10 of Spades which can be seen as a culmination of the energy that was brought about from the previous two cards. The 10 of Spades is a card that indicates success achieved through hard work in your career, overcoming health issues and thriving in all areas of life. Being recognized and rewarded for your efforts is also something to be expected from this influence. The only warning with this card is to take a break from your hard work and treat yourself because the 10 of Spades is also the card of the workaholic.

With the good partnerships of the 2 of Spades, the stability and satisfaction of the 4 of Spades, and the success of the 10 of Spades the month of February will be very gratifying for us if we work hard are determined and remain focused when it comes to accomplishing our goals.

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