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Jemouri is the latest Los Angeles (by way of South Central) artist to gain prominence in music. Since the release of his certified hit, “Another Number,” Jemouri has garnered national attention with his smooth voice and hard-hitting lyrics.

While working on his latest EP, Jemouri recently took a moment to speak with rolling out about his new music and performing at the Smokehouse Social stage at SXSW.

You had one of the standout performances at the Smokehouse Social stage at SXSW. What was that entire experience like for you?

SXSW was dope. I got a chance to check out a lot of artists who have different styles. I like to experience different styles and genres of music, so SXSW was a great experience for me.

How were you introduced to music?

I’m from South Central. I moved around a lot and got kicked out school because I was doing things that I should not have been doing. But I stayed in the studio, so it’s a blessing to be here. I was always interested in music growing up, but I never understood that it was something that I was supposed to be doing. At 14 years old, I tried it out. I actually ended up recording a song and it wasn’t bad. That was when I discovered I could sing.

How did you find inspiration for the hit “Another Number”?

“Another Number” came about when I was on the phone with a girl and she said something crazy. At that point, I realized that she was just another number in my phone. I took the idea and wrote it down and went to the studio that same week. The rest is history.

What can fans expect from you this summer?

I’m working on an EP so I have more music coming. I’m also touring. I’ll be in Jacksonville, Florida, on April 28. I just came back from Las Vegas and performed at West Fest. I opened for Ice Cube, Tha Dogg Pound, and DJ Quick. It felt good to be around the legends.

What advice do you give to artists who are thinking of getting into the music game?

You have to keep working and don’t let anyone discourage you. There will be one million people and things that will try to distract you. It’s on you to keep that faith and keep the belief in your craft.

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