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Artist Interviews

How Bay Area rapper TMG Fre$h used creativity to overcome turmoil

By N. Ali Early / October 24, 2020

Eric Crawford explains why art should impact and inspire

By Eddy "Precise" Lamarre / October 23, 2020

Nevaeh Jolie creates futuristic vibes with new brand of hip-hop-infused R&B

By Eddy "Precise" Lamarre / October 17, 2020

Record label CEO Dee-1 explains why some artists are getting bad deals

By Patriceia Beckford / September 27, 2020

RL says Janet Jackson, Jodeci, Jon B. inspired new project, ‘The Letter J’

By A.R. Shaw / September 21, 2020

Malina Moye uses her music to promote racial and gender equality

By Christal Jordan / September 19, 2020

Rap group Grxwn Fxlks reveals why mature content is needed in hip-hop

By A.R. Shaw / September 18, 2020

Afro-German singer Joy Denalane drops soulful new project

By Cassidy Sparks / September 18, 2020
All American Star

Da’Vinchi aims to start a movement with new music

By Jeandra LeBeauf / September 11, 2020

Grammy-nominated producer Bizkit’s music agenda is inevitable

By Laura Miller / September 4, 2020

Raheem DeVaughn gives props to Brandy and Monica and introduces new single

By Christal Jordan / September 4, 2020

Trumpeter Tiffany Goode makes noise in jazz with ‘Today Was A Goode Day’ CD

By Terry Shropshire / August 28, 2020

Songwriter Tiyon Christian opens up about pursuing his music career

By Cassidy Sparks / August 28, 2020

Arrow Benjamin uses his pen to effect change

By Eddy "Precise" Lamarre / August 28, 2020

Chicago rapper K$tack discusses his new album, mental health and motivation

By Nana Aduba-Amoah / August 28, 2020

Ferrari Simmons promises new song, ‘Happy Birthday,’ will get the party started

By Cassidy Sparks / August 28, 2020

Gangstagrass combines hip-hop and bluegrass in ‘No Time for Enemies’

By Terry Shropshire / August 21, 2020

Saxophonist Imani Lauren shares advice for next generation of jazz musicians

By Cassidy Sparks / August 21, 2020

Louie V Gutta pens ‘Black Man in Amerikkka’ as a call to action

By Daron Pressley / August 16, 2020

North Carolina artist Prince Navon is next up

By Eddy "Precise" Lamarre / August 15, 2020