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Micheal Ray Stevenson aka Tyga was detained by LAPD on Tuesday, April 11, 2017. The 27-year-old rapper was driving his custom $112K Mercedes G-Series. Daily Mail reports he was asked to step out of the vehicle and handcuffed and taken to the LAPD station in Hollywood.

It’s illegal in California, like most states, to operate a vehicle without license plates. The dealer must supply temporary plates until a permanent one is purchased by the owner. Earlier reports stated Tyga didn’t have plates, but he had the proper paper plates necessary to legally operate the luxury SUV for a limited time.

The rapper reportedly left Avenue Nightclub after a night out with friends. He ran a stop sign and was detained by LAPD for suspicion of a DUI.

Tyga has a penchant for flashy vehicles. In November 2016, he made news for failing to make car payments on a red 2016 Ferrari 488. He was sued by the creditor.

On the music front, he just released “Act Ghetto” with Lil Wayne and “100s” with Chief Keef .

Tyga was not driving under the influence of alcohol; he was released and given a ticket for a moving violation.

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