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big lez – still sexy in the city

big lez – still sexy in the city

photo by steed media service

Radio Personality, Fitness Guru

For hip-hop heads in the mid-90s, there was no bigger sex symbol than
Big Lez. The chocolate-skinned host of BET’s “Rap City,” the
dancer/choreographer/fitness guru born Leslie Segar was not only a
‘stunna,’ but she was up on her music and culture. That spunky
combination of beauty and brains made her the alpha female for the
baggy jeans set.

“I didn’t come into this business concerned
about anybody else’s [perceptions] of me,” says Segar about her
voluptuous physique. “I was raised to be very respectful as a woman and
determined and accepting of all of my attributes!”

Segar took that love of herself and those built like her, coupled it
with a lifelong dedication to health and wellness, and Bodiography was
born. “Bodiography is body-meaning fitness – [and] ‘ography,’ meaning
choreography,” she explains. “I’ve always been involved in fitness and
personal training.” Lez was able to use both her extensive background
in choreography and her health/wellness principles under the
“Bodiography” umbrella. “I started conditioning and training [artists]
so that they’re not out of breath [and] are performing great.
Bodiography just became a one-stop shop for me.”In addition to that,
Lez is the entertainment reporter for Premier Radio Networks. “I’m
really glad that I’ve been able [to] consistently feed that artistic
aspect of my personality,” she says. “Women [must] make [themselves] a
priority and maintain the inside and outside.”

Lez is a fine example of being true to oneself, and using your gifts for the improvement of the world around you. – todd williams