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bob cavin and germaine redding- leaders of the new school

photo by steed media service

Co-Founders, Test Of Time Enterprises

Who said learning can’t be fun?

As the co-founders of Test Of Time Enterprises, Bob Cavin and Germaine
Redding showed their commitment to the education of youth across the
country by providing board games that prove that learning can be both
instructive and entertaining. “[There] was an idea that was presented
about bringing the board games back to the family environment and
teaching kids about critical thinking,” explains Cavin of the project’s
inception. “So, I was given that blessing.”

Cavin and
Redding’s initial vision was for a Black history game. “We took some
advice and redesigned the game to make it all-inclusive,” says Redding.
“We’re trying to go back to the basics and educate.” After attending a
micro enterprise program in 2004 and aligning himself with those in the
toy and game industry, Cavin used those connections to get his board
game, The Whole Story, placed in 700 stores in 15 states. “We knew that
if we created a more comprehensive game that would sell to all
individuals, parents would buy it, so we designed a game that was
all-inclusive,” says Cavin.

The concept of a game that
incorporated the fundamentals of history, geography, grammar, science,
law and diversity was enough to impress investors. Test Of Time
Enterprises is one of the few toy and game companies to ever strike a
deal with a major retailer without a prototype.

-jason thompson