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declutter your mind

illustration by steed media service

Silence is more than golden. In this day and age, it’s a personal
tropical island retreat. The digital age has wrought a great number of
conveniences, but with those conveniences our serenity has been
compromised. High-tech innovations have put many of us on a 24-hour
cycle with no time for respite. When you do close your eyes, a chirping
cell phone may come between you and the rest you so desperately need.
But a cell phone can be turned off. And guess what? The world will not
tilt on its axis if you ignore a phone call.

Serenity is not
a goal or destination, it a lifestyle. If you want to live in peace and
tranquility, you have to be choosy about what and whom you allow into
your cerebral cortex and your spirit. The only thing misery loves more
than torment is company. It is easy to get caught up in a maelstrom of
agony, whether you are commiserating or empathizing, but sometimes you
have to pray for people and not get drawn into their drama. You are of
little use to yourself or anyone else when you surrender your
hard-earned calm to participate in an orgasmic feast of negativity and
self-degradation. Somebody is always diving headfirst into the deep end
of woe, but like dad said, “just because your friends do it, that
doesn’t mean you have to.”

In silence, we touch our innermost sacred selves. Each moment of peace
that we allow ourselves to exult in pays dividends many times over in
better mental and physical health. Holding onto jealousy, anger,
impatience and negativity is antithetical to building a hopeful life
based on serenity. Life in the 21st century can be heavenly, despite
the trials, tribulations and obstacles. Nirvana awaits us all, in the
silence. Take time, right now – before meeting any other obligation –
to quiet your mind and restore your soul. Your responsibilities will
still be there when you return, but your new peace-filled self will be
better equipped to handle them. Peace.

Munson Steed, Publisher

[email protected]