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preparing for the all-important job interview

You applied for that dream job, and they called you back for an
interview. Now what? It’s time to prepare for the interview. This is
where you will have to sell yourself to the company to convince them to
hire you. Your appearance and demeanor can affect the outcome
positively or negatively. You can have all the requirements, but if you
don’t do well in your interview, it is likely you will not get a call
back. Here are some helpful hints to help you land that prized position.

on time. Ideally, it is best to arrive 15 minutes early. Even if you
arrive a half-hour early, it is better than being a half-hour late.
Tardiness wastes the employer’s time and shows that you really aren’t
serious about getting the job.Dress appropriately. Don’t dress as if
you are going to a party, the mall or the grocery store. Men should
always wear a suit with a tie. The tie should be a conservative color
(red, blue, black), and dress shoes and socks should always match the
belt. Women can wear pant or skirt suits or a dress, but the dress or
skirt should be knee-length. Tattoos should be covered, facial and
tongue jewelry should always be removed. Men should remove earrings and
women should pare earrings to one per ear.

questions. There are right and wrong questions to ask on your first
interview. Don’t ask: When can I get vacation? How many sick days are
allowed? How long is my lunch hour? These questions make you seem
unfocused on the job. Do ask: What type of growth and advancement
opportunities does the company offer? Who will evaluate me if I’m
hired? What exactly are the job responsibilities? May I contact you if
I have other questions? Research the company you want to work for and
tailor your questions to topics that are pertinent to that